This NFT represents the way to another dimension, through connections, like on the internet. This is item no 17 from the collection “Trip’s Colors Series”

7 deadly sins of fast fashion

The latest collection by Roma Soida exploring the Climate Change theme. Anger: greenhouse gas emissions In the classification of deadly sins, the ancient theologians put anger as the most important, and the main sin of fast fashion is its impact on the climate. Now the fashion industry emits into the atmosphere as much carbon dioxide […]

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The mysterious human essence blooming between poems. This item no. 16 from the collection “Trip’s Colors Series”. by Fernando Xerxes


The giant among the Orobie alps, Photographic and illustration project in search of giants that have long since disappeared.


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New incentives

The artists efforts do not always produces immediate effects in the market for several reasons. While we are always committed to support you by curating your art and finding new effective ways to reach the best target for you, we want to support you more and for this reason we are launching BullishArt Incentives. We […]

Bart Incentives

Today we are finally launching incentives for artists to join BullishArt and creating NFT as following: Joining BullishArt 50 Bart Minting first 10 NFT 50 Bart Minting first 50 NFT 100 Bart Minting first 100 NFT 200 Bart Each reward is receive after complete the next and generative Art will not count for incentives. Incentives […]

Bart utility genesis

We have finally listened to your requests, collectors and artists and we are moving forward providing art curation services through Bart. This transaction can be considered the genesis of Bart as payment for art curation: https://tzkt.io/ooXbsL8bTD3P7jpKWmVVm5i8WBCwZegxDLoj8cDCkNdzroA9VnB This is the first payment by a collector for curating his piece with the support of BullishArt curators. We […]

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