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Juliano Romão

Juliano Romão is an undergraduate student pursuing a B.S. in Mathematics at the University of São Paulo, Brazil. Throughout his degree, he has developed problem solving skills through the application of computer programming and algorithms. By the end of 2020, Juliano realized that he could contrast the order and…

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Bessonov Flejtskraft

At BullishArt we love presenting you new great artists and today we do by introudcing you Dmitry Bessonov, artist, living and working in Volgograd, Russia. He is engaged in creativity after participating in the project of Mikhail Shemyakin “Hand in Art”. In the words of the artist” “Shemyakin’s hand…

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Zipa Zoro

Zipa Zoro (Kouassi Konan Urbain) was born on January 16, 1991 in Abidjan, in the town of Bingerville, from a family of carpenters. His passion for art began when he was only a child. After the separation of his parents, life became very hard for him and the street…

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Alberto Rossi

Alberto is a multidisciplinary designer focused on motion design. He studied motion graphic design at the FX-Animation school in Barcelona and worked as a digital and motion designer in the advertising industry. His inspiration comes from the Cyberpunk culture contaminated by surrealism and abstracts influences. He mixes different techniques from 3D and 2D…

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R. p. Callahan

R.p. Callahan is a traditional and digital artist based out of the USA and currently living in the beautiful state of NM. Self-taught in illustration and painting he has won many art awards throughout school and has done commissions for Craig Alanson Ex Force series, 3D models for James Altucher,…

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Roma Soida

Our new artist is Roma Soida, he lives and studies in Moscow at the Moscow School of Contemporary Art. Roma Soida is an artist who experiments in different areas of creativity. He makes performances, organizes installations, publishes art books and T-shirts with his own prints, catches inspiration in sketchbooks,…

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Toxic Internet


UK based freelance illustrator and animator, worked for – New York Times, Sunday Times, Guardian, New Yorker, Washington Post and loads more

Frida with a gun

Ales Lyalush

Ales works in digital painting techniques on an iPad Pro.
The original, ironic view of the author’s world, is reflected in his
amazingly subtle and philosophical works.
Participated in numerous exhibitions in Russia and abroad. Works are
in private and official collections worldwide

Алесь Лялюш (@alesanado) • Instagram photos and videos

CR1$3 D3 ∆N$13D∆D3

Anxious Crisis is part of BullishArt collection.

Gold Transmutation


Leonardi (Brazil, April 2, 1988) is an illustrator and graffiti artist from Brazil. In the digital world, he explores the field of fantasy and fiction based on alchemical studies.

Antique Stamps from Iconic Landmarks around the World.
Winter Museo

Shea Winter Roggio

Shea Winter Roggio is an artist interested in photography and digital illustration

Winter Museo

Red Pear

Carmelo Sortino

Carmelo Sortino is an Italian born painter based in Canada who has exhibited his works nationally, as well as in the United States, the Netherlands, and South Korea. Sortino’s works are influenced by his childhood in Sicily, and the memory of the subtly colored and delicious marzipan fruits of his uncle’s pastry shop.