In the last weeks the NFT market has grown so fast, every day there are so many updates that it is even difficult to keep track of this development.

On Tezos, the long-awaited Kalamint is finally live, a new market place that could help growing the ecosystem on the so-called “Clean NFT” blockchain Tezos.

In the first few hours from Kalamint launch, several artists have sold their artworks for hundreds and even thousands of Tezos.

Currently not everyone can mint on Kalamint, but soon it is expected to be different. From the side of Hicetnunc, which it is the biggest NFT marketplace on Tezos, the site keeps improving and the minimalist design is still the key concept.

If this was not enough for Tezos, we need to add the addition of 48 hours ago with Tezos Mandalas “generative art” project has also begun.

March will end soon and it will bring the addition of Tezos to the Opensea.io, the “biggest NFT platform” which just raised 23 million dollars investment NFT crypto: Marketplace OpenSea raises $23 million to be the ‘Amazon of NFTs’ | Fortune – and Investing in OpenSea – Andreessen Horowitz (a16z.com).

Decrypt is also launching a NFT based drop for its readers at Decrypt Drops and Circle is actively working to find a better way to enable payments for NFT Circle | A simple solution for non-fungible token (NFT) marketplaces.

From our side

We are receiving a lot of requests from artists and curators around the world and we are very excited about it.

The most important news for us, it is the first collection going live in just 2 days: “Weekdays” is set to launch on Hicetnunc.

For more information about the collection visit here.

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