Golden Transmutation

by Leonardi

In the world of the artist, Gold will always be the most valuable item in the human quest. With technological evolution, gold became a metal made in a laboratory with no value in precious metal but elementary for space exploration and development in quantum physics.

Science based on bacterial alchemy transmuted and created the element of this element, the work pays homage to the golden transmutation that has been studied and developed since the beginning.

Gold Transmutation is the first of a series of artworks by Leonardi.

NFT data

This Leonardi collection will have only 10 editions for each artwork.

Who is Leonardi?

Leonardi (Brazil, April 2, 1988) is an illustrator and graffiti artist from Brazil, since 2002 he has worked on the streets with his art and participated in several events of great expression in his country.

In the digital world, he explores the field of fantasy and fiction based on alchemical studies.

How to get this NFT?

The first item by Leonardi is available here

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