Welcome BART

Today 1st of April, and it is not a joke be assured, BullishArt has launched BART token.

To commemorate the launch of BART token, we have minted 5 editions here: BART NFT the first will be sold for 50 Tezos.

Why a token?

BullishArt is a bridge between artists and collectors through several NFT and online platforms, as such, we believe that a token can help to improve how we interact.

We are exploring new ways to reward the artists who join BullishArt and the collectors who purchase our artworks and the token is at the core of this idea.

Not just buying and selling, we want to encourage artists to express their ideas on our blog, we want to build a community of artists and collectors who come to BullishArt to explore new ideas, news, to know more about other passionate artists and collectors around the world.

How to receive BART?

First important rule, we will never sell you BART, we are not launching a token to speculate on it.

BART will be only acquired by interacting with BullishArt, for example by submitting artworks to our collection for minting.

At the same time, BART can be traded on the new decentralized exchange Quipswap, where you can also provide liquidity for it.

We will release more information about BART in the coming days.

If you are an artist who already joined our collection, please fill this form to receive your BART today.

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