Sirius Journey

Sirius is a Brazilian artist and throughout his career, he looked for inspiration in the most varied cultures. He divides his time between teaching art and creating independent art.

He was an illustrator and publicist, and from 2008 he disconnected from the commercial market and adopted the stage name of Sirius, and started to look for a more authorial art, even though incorporating elements of commercial art, comics, and mixing that aesthetics of the engravings (woodcuts and engraving on metal).

In 2012 he had contact with a Brazilian indigenous tea and started a process of an aesthetic change, but it was only in 2017 that he managed to start this creative process that he is still currently developing.

He uses mostly ink, pen, and paper, and sometimes (in the creations involving colors) he uses gouache or acrylic, and in a second stage, he photographs the creations and takes them to digital using image editing software such as GIMPe Kripta.

The themes mix science fiction, fantasies, shamanism, and are largely the result of my experiences with Raé, Peyote, and Ayahuasca.

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