Matteo Cerri

Theo Cerri is a Graphic Designer and Illustrator. He was born in Italy in 1991 in a town close to Milan. Growing up, he has always been passionate about art, especially interested in the act of creation.

Theo’s father was a Journalist and Graphic Designer, and thanks to him, he has started drawing and developing an artistic sense from a young age. He got into tribal masks during art lessons in high school, he was so fascinated by cubist artists like Picasso and how he explored the African style.

Since that Theo’s journey into indigenous art never stopped. In his work, he tries to represent through colors, texture and shapes the sacred moment of ritual, when the mask Spirit takes possession of the wearer.

For the last four years, he has lived in East London, enjoying the unique vibe of the city, which had a substantial impact on his style of drawing and approaching design.

Theo considers himself a positive creative, and he believes in the power of connection in every single project.

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