Momo is a Japanese collage artist. 

Currently, we are presenting collage works that use cutouts from magazines and printed matter as materials, centering on analog collages. He is inspired by the music and sounds he has been deeply involved with.

Ambient Music, Field Recording, Noise Music, Industrial, Improvisational Music, Contemporary Music, Electronic Music, Alternative, Avantgarde, Rock, Techno, Electronica, Minimal, Drone, Hardcore, Punk, Grindcore, Black Metal, Doom, Post Rock, Post he makes collages while listening to music such as dubstep, post-classical, etc., and the influence of the sound is great.

He likes to create chaos and order when improvising collages.  Collages with a theme and narrative are often created by cutting out the emotions, gestures, and moments of anthropomorphic creatures.

 OM series

OM also means “sound representing the universe” and is considered as the sound of the beginning of everything.

 The pronunciation is AUM, but each of these three sounds is a word composed of the first sound [A ・ a], the last sound [M ・ n], and the middle [U ・ u].

[A] Waking up: Consciousness is outward.  All beings that we think exist in the world are included here. 

[U] Dream state: A state in which consciousness is facing inward.  State of knowledge.  Even this state is a phantom created by the material principle. 

[M] Deep sleep: Unconsciousness.  In this state of thoughtlessness, you can feel deep bliss. 

[-] There is no word to explain it because it is silent.  There is no consciousness.  It is a state of complete tranquility, peace, bliss, and equality. The ohm is composed of AUM and three sounds but actually contains the fourth silence.

The inner essence that cannot be seen because it is hidden in the body and thoughts, the soul (self) has never been polluted by thoughts such as karma (work/act) and anxiety based on the material principle. 

What is a pure soul without? We are thinking about what kind of life forms exist in the universe, which is larger than the earth and the sun.

There is a lot of OM chanting music It is also influenced by Om, a duo of doom stoner band Sleep bass and drums.

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