Roma Soida

Our new artist is Roma Soida, he lives and studies in Moscow at the Moscow School of Contemporary Art.

Roma Soida is an artist who experiments in different areas of creativity.

He makes performances, organizes installations, publishes art books and T-shirts with his own prints, catches inspiration in sketchbooks, combines digital painting and freehand drawing in his works.Roma Soida develops the principle of deconstruction in his works, deliberately colliding different ideas and plots with each other. The artist is constantly building up contexts and makes the semantic field of work very thick and bright.

He achieves this by scanning sketches and using computer graphics to connect them and supplement them with new images. The image appears to be smoothed, glossy, despite the fact that the author preserves the texture — discontinuous pencil lines, soft lines of a felt-tip pen or brush strokes. The unlimited choice of colors, the ability to remove the wrong touch give freedom of choice to the author and he embarks on an open voyage: he connects the contrasting spots of blue, red, beige, yellow colors on the faces of the heroes as if he collects portraits like a mosaic or applique, makes comic book heroes out of some characters, exaggerating them facial features and expressions. All this takes the viewer away from reality into the imagination of Roma Soida. In his works, the artist talks about himself, but at the same time touches something personal inside everyone.

BullishArt has been appointed by the artist to mint NFTs and promote them on the marketplaces.

Cyber Walk Series

This complex series consists of four pictures. The first three depict a walk through hyperspace, in the foreground the hero comes into contact with the superintelligence, which tempts him to switch places. Then the hero freezes on a chair in virtual reality glasses and the job is done, replacing natural intelligence with artificial.

In the last picture, we see a person in whose imagination a fatal contract is taking place.

NFT series information:

4 NFTs

10 editions

hic et nunc – TYPE_DIGITAL_NAME_Cyber_Walk

hic et nunc – TYPE_DIGITAL_NAME_Cyber_Walk n.2

hic et nunc – TYPE_DIGITAL_NAME_Cyber_Walk n.3

hic et nunc – TYPE_DIGITAL_NAME_Cyber_Walk n.4

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