KrafterSpace and BullishArt

BullishArt was mentioned in the article by Klaytn about KrafterSpace

“KrafterSpace was launched last week, invigorating the NFT space, receiving overwhelming interest from both first-time and experienced creators.

KrafterSpace, launched by Ground X, is a service that allows anyone to easily and quickly mint NFTs on Klaytn. When you upload an image or a video-based file, it is immediately issued as a KIP-17, a Klaytn-based non-fungible token. During its initial beta service period, NFTs can be issued without having to require creators to pay gas fees — a network fee that is normally requested when minting KIP-17 NFT’s. KrafterSpace was created from the ground-up for all users, featuring an easy to use UX/UI, allowing people with no in-depth knowledge of crypto to get involved and start creating. Additionally, your creations may get the chance to shine as they are displayed on the KrafterSpace main page when minted”.

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