Bitcoin Association spoke to BullishArt founder Francesco Morello about how Bitcoin SV can empower artists interested in creating NFTs, as well as their plans to introduce support for the BSV blockchain.

BullishArt aims to provide a single destination for art NFTs curated by experts across multiple blockchains, offering a platform that ensures authenticity and traceability for artists and collectors.

‘BullishArt is an art selection on-chain for multiple chains: Tezos, Klaytn and Ethereum, and hopefully soon Bitcoin SV. Since anyone can create NFTs, we believe that a selection made by art curators gives more trust to the authenticity and traceability for the collectors,’ Morello says.

‘For the artists it improves visibility, as many are now understanding that it is not easy to be noticed.’

Each artwork minted through BullishArt is tokenised exclusively on a single chain, as this ensures there are no copies of a particular piece.

‘Through our minting form, the artist decides where to mint. We offer options for reaching a larger audience, and they can also switch blockchain if necessary,’ Morello explains.

The process of minting NFTs is begun by artists who apply to tokenise their work through the BullishArt website. From here, the actual minting process is completed by BullishArt. Morello says they hope to soon launch support for Bitcoin SV-based token minting, enabled by the BSV blockchain’s low transaction fees and support for complex smart contracts and data transactions.

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