BitCoin NFT on chain

Today we are finally begun minting NFT on chain using BitCoin BSV blockchain starting with the artist Francesco Buonfino latest creation “Living Alphabet”.

Francesco Buonfino is an Italian artist from Milan, we have curated several artworks by him on different platforms but he was selected to be the first to mint on BSV.

How BSV NFTs are different?

There is a very particular technical aspect of every NFT related to the actual artwork, in every blockchain the image file is not actually in the blockchain itself, but in the so called IPFS (Interplanetary File System), while on BSV it is on the blockchain itself.

That is the meaning of “on chain”.

This is possible because BSV can scale thanks to its big blocks, few days ago they set the record of 1 gigabyte block size on the blockchain, which is astonishing given other chain has something in the order of megabyte.

Living Alphabet

This NFT includes every alphabet letter created by the artist.

We will mint also each single letter on the BSV blockchain.

300 editions on chain.

Price of 0n 0.05 BSV

Available here

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