BART use cases

As already shared on our top sns with 30k followers, our BART token (Tezos) use cases are growing.

This is key for the success of BullishArt long term commitment to the art industry in the blockchain. With the success of BART token our team will have more resources to invest into artists, especially in disadvantaged communities around the world.

Anyone can issue a token, it is very simple. However not many projects can attribute use cases. From the beginning we are striving to create and design use cases.

It is a working in progress so it is normal that some use cases are good some are not producing the expected reactions.

At first our idea was mostly for an interaction between the artist and the collector, but this has not worked well so far.

After we got our second farm DEFI on Tezos, things looked brighter for BART.

Now the use cases trend is mostly about the services that artists or collectors can buy on BullishArt: 3d exhibitions, collector pages, burning NFTs and minting into different chains.

These are service we offer to improve the artists and collectors user experiences and enhance the probability to sell or purchase the next NFT.

What is the use case for BART you are waiting for?

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Thank you!

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