Roma Soida

My name is Roma Soida, in the reflection of the mirrors – adioS amoR, artist from Krasnoyarsk, now I work and study in Moscow. I study contemporary art at the British Higher School of Art and Design, where I won a grant for studies at the Untitled Prize 2018. I collaborate with commercial publications and participate in project activities, I try to live a full artistic life since 2008. In my free time I do research and experiment at the junction of various art disciplines.

An important concept in my work is sublimation – the expression of unconscious instincts (sometimes destructive) by transforming them into works of art; art can at the same time “direct it in a different direction” and express all my emotions and experiences.

Feelings are original, they come from nowhere or go against the background of memories, assessments and life circumstances. This is an irrational part of the life of each of us – a feeling, this is the most secret part that we hide not only from other people, but sometimes also from ourselves. The reason for concealment does not always come from a distrust of others or a person’s denial of this feeling, sometimes we don’t have enough tools to express it. Creativity comes to the rescue, not an art institute and craft, creativity I would single out as a separate aspect of expression, which can be refined to one degree or another, but its original essence is an attempt to reproduce the original feeling of the creator.

That is why creativity is so important for a person, it is a point of contact between consciousness and the subconscious, rational and irrational. At this point, you can see what does not deceive, it just is and it says love or hate, but this is part of you, this is what my works show. In childhood, there I also saw in drawing a means of expressing my feelings and thoughts. To this day, drawing remains this language, with experience more complex forms of expression of one’s inner world arise.

Many of my works were created in sensual expansion, in an attempt to find shelter in images and forms. It was the desire for security that shaped my artistic role, with which I identified myself, thus art became a logical continuation of my creative career, if I am an artist, it means I am engaged in art. This is the path to a perfect and independent form. I seem to go deeper, beyond the limits of normality. With age. I can be anyone, and all responsibility will rest with me, whether I will be decent and kind, or whether I will be the facade of decency and kindness. Under the control of the brain, information and complexes that I get rid of, because the higher I climb, the harder it is to fall, to some extent I am afraid of myself, the void revealed the essence of the illusory nature of every person, there is no one to strengthen and improve, you can be anyone and occupy either side because the boundaries of good and evil are blurred. It is as if to get to the page of my books, changed places and began to notice that the paintings became complete, they have an internal volume, and I myself become hollow, without internal content. Someone is inspired by the filling process, but I am fascinated by its antagonism – devastation, when nothing personal remains.

Education :

2012 SFU Humanitarian Institute / Applied Informatics in Exhibition Complexes

2019 MSCA / Department of Contemporary Art (to the present)

Selected exhibitions:

2021 “Axiology of Renewal” / Winzavod.Open (Bely Shop) / Moscow

2021 “We have lived so strangely for two thousand years” / Museum of Decorative, Applied and Folk Ar / Moscow

2020 “MOST” collective exhibition / ART & BRUT Gallery / Moscow

2020 “The Way to the Beginning” collective exhibition / U Contemporary / Moscow
2019 “TERRITORY” (participation and supervision) / Omelchenko Gallery / Moscow

2019 “Young Siberia” collective exhibition / Yenisei Gallery / Krasnoyarsk
2018 “UNTITLED PRIZE” collective exhibition of finalists Museum of DPI / Moscow

2018 “NICHEGO LICHNOGO” personal exhibition / BADGUYS Gallery / Krasnoyarsk

Publications :

“Nothing personal”, Sobaka Krasnoyarsk, May 2018

“Thing in itself”, Sobaka Krasnoyarsk, May 2019

“Secrets of Delitants”, Online magazine Masters of Siberia, 2018

“Nichego Lichnogo” Collection of stories and illustrations, edition 50 pieces, Opera print, Krasnoyarsk 2019

“From tattoos to typography, meets Sibirian mixing artist satire and style”, Calvert Journal, 2019

Catalog “Untitled Prize” 2018 / Circulation 200 pcs. / The publication is dedicated to the exhibition of the finalists of the Untitled Prize 2018 competition.

Catalog “Untitled Prize. TERRITORY ”2019 / Edition 150 pcs. / The publication is timed to the final exhibition “TERRITORY” of the finalists of the Untitled Prize 2018.

Awards :

“Untitled Prize” two-year study at the BHSAD under the program “Contemporary Art”, Untitled Foundation, 2018

Collections :

“Every Heart Seeking Affection”, Untitled Foundation auction with the support of Sotheby’s, Turandot, Moscow.

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