Juan Pablo

My name is Juan Pablo Molina (also known as El Mago), I’m from Bogotá – ColombiaI work as an independent art director and digital illustrator for different kinds of clients, but my favourite thing is to make posters for theatre shows.I believe art in any form can heal heavy hearts.

My artwork has 3 concepts:

I like to explore the experiences that I have as a human being: my fears, questions in life, my subconscious, heartaches, my bravery.That journey made me realise that one of my strongest emotions is “Nostalgia”.

The idea of missing something or someone, mixed with the feeling that someday you will find what you feel lost.

Nostalgia is the ghost I love. Is the void I have to deal with daily, and sometimes disguises with another feeling; could be anxiety, loneliness, sadness or another. That’s the game Nostalgia likes to play: to be discovered and be remembered but never fulfilled.

The Heart is my home
I have to avoid become a content factory. I don’t like to create things fast and massive, It’s better to take time, feel first, comprehend and make art later. That’s why I work with the heart as a symbol.

I understand the heart has an eye to see different, is the home of the matter that contains the spirit, is the home I want to keep, protect and guard. Heart is sacred

I wrote some years ago a short tale:”People were fighting about which god was the right one, meanwhile I was seeing the infinite”.

This, helped me to look beyond myself and to see divine love, even in Nostalgia. To look the beauty of the Universe, the eternal dancer.

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