NFT On Chain

BullishArt has been one of first art curation team to mint on BSV.

BSV is the only blockchain that allows to actually mint the NFT 100% on chain, meaning, the artwork itself is stored in the blockchain.

Every other blockchains cannot do what BSV does, due to the smaller block size, instead what they do is, storing the artwork into the IPFS (InterPlanetary File System) server and the hash in the blockchain.

Choice by Roma Soida, minted on #BSV

Minting on chain is of course more expensive for the minter, because storing data on the chain is costly, however it is far more convenient than using Ethereum, which is the most expensive system due to lack of scaling.

However it is expected to change in the future as more miners reduce their fees over time.

Asimov by Francesco Buonfino is minted on NFT and it is a free drop for our first 300 followers on Twetch.

It is indeed exciting to see the BSV community getting active in the NFT world and to facilitate exploring NFT on BSV, we will add always a hashtag #onchainNFT and we have also set a new telegram channel for introducing you every NFT minted on BSV.

The platform we use is which is also a great wallet that gives you free paymail. (if you don’t know what a paymail is click here).

Make sure to check that the minter was 1BullishArt to make sure to purchase original minted NFT by our team.

You can join the BullishArt NFT on BSV Channel here.

Would you like to explore more #onchainNFTs?

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