Fibonacci and BullsArt

These days it is not uncommon to read about simulation talks regarding our reality. There are so many incredible ideas to listen to, and many of them have some level of connection to probability and math.

However without going into simulation theories, everyone has gotten some hints during math class and while mathematics is not for everyone, it often opens the door to new insights, like in the magnificent case of the Fibonacci sequence. 

This simple yet brilliant sequence is able to catch the interest and imagination of almost anyone. Its ramification goes beyond the math world and gives us a glimpse of nature speaking a language we can understand in terms of math and beauty.

When people begin to find this pattern in nature and the world around them, their imagination runs wild.

Since BullsArt is a series about art through history, we could not miss the chance to represent the Fibonacci throughout the series; we like to think of it as a bridge between nature and the artists.

In BullsArt the rarity level follows the Fibonacci sequence. There are other hidden traits too, backgrounds, nose rings, different colors, hidden messages, but the Fibonacci from f1 to f15 is what shapes a big part of the rarity.

We believe BullsArt is the first NFT series to be shaped by Fibonacci sequence.

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