Old Worker, Flejtskraft

The artworks of Flejtskraft are rich works of fine art with deep meaning blended and a contemporary touch. Dmitry Bessonov in art Flejskraft is a painter.

This “Portrait of an Old Worker” participated in the “Time Forward” exhibition in 2019. Exhibition area: Moscow Union of Artists of Russia. The portrait was created in 2018 before the FIFA World Cup.

Click on the artwork to open the NFT marketplace

The NFT minted by BullishArt will be on BSV blockchain, the only blockchain that allows on-chain minting, meaning the artwork is itself into the chain. Note well, BullishArt does not decide where to mint the artworks, the artists decide it, we execute artists orders ^_^

Our curators have opted for a 10 editions for this NFT, to maintain the high profile of the art created by Flejsktraft.

Plus, to create a more sense of rarity, of urgency to acquire the artwork our team has listed the price in a scalar way, the first time to do so: first edition is listed for 0.1 BSV and each edition has an increment in price of 0.1 BSV.

The last edition sold will be sold for 1 BSV.

Our curators believe this value is very reasonable given the artwork and actually we believe there is much more intrinsic value we would like the collectors to find out, to valorize.

As always, giving a price to an artwork cannot do enough justice to the art, we hope you will consider it like an invitation for you to become a collector and to own it, add to your collection proudly to preserve the artist creation.

Flejsktraft self potrait

You as collector are the one who will shape the value of the artwork more than anybody.

Thank you

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