BullishArt update

There is a big change coming to BullishArt BullishArt is going to be a Creator and a Curator. We won’t mint other artists artworks anymore. We will curate other artists NFTs, but for the minting process it is going to be Art created 100% by our team.

Curating is going to be a free service and a pro-service paid in Bart. Artists will be welcomed to register their profile on our site to be promoted. They mint their NFTs we promote them. We will cover all NFT art in the space without any borders. Meanwhile we will create our own art, now that we have a solid team of artists & curators, we just create our own artworks. This especially is important to clarify what is our creation and what is other artists creations. Again we are going to promote actively other artists NFTs, but those will be minted by them

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