The BSV community was waiting a lot for this generative art collection to be released and finally Gopnik has launched.

Created by Meta Desk, the Gopnik is generative art on BSV and the first collection to be released using a fair distribution method.

This method allows user to randomly purchase an NFT, and later reveals the NFT to the user. This distribution idea was first introduced by other teams in Ethereum with the Hashmask collection.

Finally the BSV has this tool, which makes the collection more exciting. The whole random distribution and listing was done on

What is a Gopnik?

BullishArt team was not familiar with this term, so we search on Wikipedia:

A gopnik [ˈɡopnʲɪk] is a member of a delinquent subculture in Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, and in other former Soviet republics – a young man (or a woman, a gopnitsa) of working-class background who usually lives in Russian suburban areas and comes from a family of poor education and income.
Gopnik 1302 is part of BullishArt collection

Quite an interesting subject to choose by the creators of Gopnik! Given the NFT trend in generative art, starting from Cryptopunks and other main collection, the gang-look is a recurring feature, but no collection can beat Gopnik from this perspective.

Gopnik Rarity

The collection is structured quite well also from the rarity point of view, this is how the rarity works:

4 characters: IGOR, BORIS, VLAD, and CHAD.

The eye colors are: Green, Purple, Blue, Yellow, Brown, Blue/Orange, Pink/Blue

The face features are: None, Eyebags, Eye punch, Drunk, Scar, Beard, Golden Tooth.

In total there are 3,000 Gopnik and we have talked with Meta Desk during the launch and they confirmed in about 7 hours more than 2,000 NFT were sold.

This is a big achievement for the BSV ecosystem since it proves the collectors presence also in bug numbers.

Another interesting feature of Gopnik is the presence of several faces, with Chad, Boris, Igor and Vlad. This is very new and create more identity and variety. While other collection have mostly one face, Gopnik has 4 to play with.

To learn more about Gopinik rarity here.

Meme Culture

There is no doubts that NFT trend is very related to the Meme just like the whole crypto world.

Twetch CEO, the Frog, received a special Gopnik from the “honorary series”.

Big Expectation for Gopnik

The generative art collections bring a lot of expectation when they can touch the popular culture like Gopnik. BullishArt was fast enough to collect a couple of Gopnik and will keep an eye on the development of the Gopnik secondary market.

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