Bart Incentives

Today we are finally launching incentives for artists to join BullishArt and creating NFT as following:

  • Joining BullishArt 50 Bart
  • Minting first 10 NFT 50 Bart
  • Minting first 50 NFT 100 Bart
  • Minting first 100 NFT 200 Bart

Each reward is receive after complete the next and generative Art will not count for incentives.

Incentives will help supporting BullishArt artists more and they will also help BSV adoption.

In fact it can be still challenging to purchase BSV, however received Bart can be traded on Tswap Bart/BSV immediately to access BSV.

Moreover since artists rely on royalties, Bart will be an immediate payout for art creation on BullishArt.

Bart is a token on Sensible Protocol BSV

This is the latest development in improving the utility of Bart, our token for art curation. It will not be the last, our team is designing more and more ideas while listening to users suggestions.

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