Role Model Cards with a twist

In this collection the artists recreates the humanized Poker cards the Jack, Queen, King and Joker giving them a special twist.

The collection is made by 7 artworks each one 10 editions. Click on the title to open in the marketplace.


Jack II

Queen BDSM



GlamKing II


How quickly are the role models of modern society changing?

In the new time, playing cards acquire a different, new meaning: for example, playing ladies, who were replaced by modern women, represent a collective image of modern ladies who are trying to go beyond their reality, to find a new place in life.

For example BDSM queen. just as punk doesn’t rule out the dark on sentiment, who said that the rules of alternative behavior exclude empathy? And kings only need to look at the display of their smartphone to take a look at their kingdom, and in fact, these roles can be available to anyone, and someone manages to combine them all.

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