New incentives

The artists efforts do not always produces immediate effects in the market for several reasons. While we are always committed to support you by curating your art and finding new effective ways to reach the best target for you, we want to support you more and for this reason we are launching BullishArt Incentives.

We have come a long way from Ethereum asking artists to pay over 200$ minting fees to BullishArt offering zero minting fees. Now we are adding a game changer feature: we pay you to mint with us. Not only that, we will pay you to join first of all, and most important we will pay 50% of the listing value in advance, so that you are sure your efforts in creating art will receive an immediate feedback.

We believe this is extremely important for artists in developing countries where art can be a way of earning immediately, even if we are not selling your NFT.

Keep in mind, you will receive full royalties as well. This new incentives structure just allow you to see more concrete results in the short term.

To learn more click here.

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