Stephanie Abadom

I studied art in the University of Benin, I have always considered myself as a creative person since I was in primary school, I enjoyed painting and could get lost doing it. My Passion for art has always driven me to do more, i create more piece when I am in a melancholic state. My works are usually a description of a part of me it’s not just a painting, and I try to captivate my thoughts in my paintings, I love nature and try to capture that part in my paintings as well.

Dame Nature

“…and then, I have nature and art and poetry, and if that is not enough, what is enough?”
~ Vincent van Gogh

my favorite quote unusual to some people but nature has the power to heal rejuvenate. It is only nature that gives life this generation needs the healing of nature.

Monument of Life

I was inspired by Olisa Nwadiogbos’s works for me it revolves around expression. My work revolves around the aspects of life the rough, beauty and all the attribute relating to life all the desire that makes up life color and form this is why I named it monument of life

Green Cloud

This piece refers to the beauty of nature 

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