Panorama – castle of wild children

When very dark times came, people in the city began to crystallize in their specialties, in medieval artels. For example, an artel of doctors was entrenched in regional hospitals, a tribe of doctors arose, they exchanged services for food, the Morlocks had the necessary equipment underground. Subsequently, the formed tribe of doctors hunts wild children, conducts experiments on them, looks for ways to improve their bodies, wears masks, believing that the world around them is infected and dirty. The legend is postulated that during the Great Oil Crisis, a nuclear strike was delivered to the areas of military factories, it was supposed to destroy the AXA-block, which the Morlocks were building on the instructions of the old government. These were secret developments of meteorological weapons, but something went wrong, and the wasteland of the Volga was covered with heat, and the great river disappeared, leaving only rare springs. According to the legends of the doctors, their Cardioclan will go out at the appointed hour in search of AHAbolok in order to restore life to the floodplain of the Volga. The Eloi tribe settled in the remains of business towers, grows greenhouse gardens there and exchanges with Morlocks and food in the market, on the site of the Arena, a large old sports amphitheater.

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