A homunculus in Latin (little person) is a representation of a small human being”

A great Homunculus series, this is the story of artificial creatures synthesized in special autoclaves and used for biomechanical modeling. But one day, these fully formed, humanoid creatures, aware of their individualism and possessing free will, escape from the cages of a scary and secret laboratory. As they comprehend the vicissitudes of fate, each of them finds their own unique Dream Cube, a moment the author shows us!

This chronography of the reaction of an array of personality archetypes to the achievement of a dream. What happens next? And is it even possible to reach the goal? The viewer decides.

The artist’s version of the consequences of the interaction of the Homunculi with the Dream Cubes, we will learn in the next series of NFT.

The Homunculus collection is made of 30 unique artworks created by Ales Lyalush

You can enjoy the virtual exhibition of this collection here.

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