Todd Williamson

Williamson’s latest abstract contemporary paintings emanate symbolism rooted in his use of color and number theory combined with mysticism to convey introspection into society’s value systems today.  Williamson is the Prize for Creativity winner with the Pollock Krasner Foundation, an Icon Award Winner w LABA Los Angeles, a Special Artist Recognition Award-Arte Non Stop International Film Festival Buenos Aires, Artistic Merit Award Art 1307, 2 Artslant Abstract Showcase Awards, among others. 

*Upcoming exhibitions:
“Insprirational: the Influence of Place”in cooperation w The American Embassy Rome & Art 1307 Dec 10 2021
*exhibition @ the Royal Palace of Portici

The Deeper the Blue @ Imago Gallery (Palm Desert CA) January -April 2022

“The Only Way Out is Through” @ Georges Berges Gallery NY Sept 9-Oct 12 2021 (Artnet Editor’s Pick of the Week!)


Unbroken: Cross Currents & Contemporary Time” w/ Justin Garcia , ArtEmerge.  April-Sept 2021
*named Editor’s Pick by ARTNET
“Circle of Truth” Susquehanna Art Museum, Harrisburg PA June 4-Sept 19 2021​
“Edge of Order”  Wonzimer Gallery downtown Los Angeles November 1-Dec 3, 2020
COLOR @ the CICI Museum Korea Oct 2020
STROKES OF GENIUS 2020 @ the MFA Circle Gallery Annapolis MA Nov 2020

Press Quotes:

“Williamson’s large-scale paintings feel nearly monolithic in their physicality and the sheer weight of their presence.” by Eve Wood, Artillery Magazine, Jan 5 2021

58th Venice Biennale “Processional, an installation by Todd Williamson” @ the Santa Maria della Pieta 2019

“Abstract works of remarkable gestural power scattered around the chapel, even on the altar. Phrases from famous people accompany the works as engravings on black plates. words, tweets, and posts extrapolated from their speeches, written in Latin as messages of prophets, letters, and testimonies that thus take on even deeper importance.”  by Antonio Conte, Il Mondo Disuk, Nov 12, 2019

Caravaggio and Williamson, past and present compared in the church of Pio Monte della Misericordia in Naples. The work (Williamson’s) will be exhibited in the counter-façade, in the Church of Pio Monte opposite Caravaggio’s masterpiece: “The Seven Works of Mercy”.  MIMAB Culture, Nov 10, 2015

“POLYPHONY OF A LANDSCAPE.” How Far Can Music and Painting Touch Each Other? 
by Roberta Andolfo
“Kandinsky was able to modulate the rhythm of the planes and the elements present in space, caught by the perception of the human eye as well as an orchestra conductor directing the arrival on the scene and the development of sound contributions of each musician. 
In our day, the example of two American academics, the American painter ( he graduated in music) Todd Williamson and composer and longtime friend, Greg Walter, is that of a partnership designed on the cutting of ‘ interference …”

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