Puggo Sapiens

Puggo Sapiens is a generative art project curated by BullishArt with an amazing team of professional designers.

The traits creations have been very detailed and inspired by many elements of contemporary design and pop culture.

The collection will be minted on BitCoin BSV on BullishArt and the 4,000 NFT listed will be revealed to collectors after all Puggos will be collected.

This method allows for a fair distribution of Puggos!

These are just some of the Puggo Sapiens

4000 NFT

Every Puggo is unique

500+ Traits

Complex Traits from clothes, accessories to tattoo and more.

4 levels of rarity

Companion 55% Pedigree 30%
Stud 10% Sire 5%

Puggo Sapiens collection is a unique example of professional design generative art for the NFT world. Puggo Sapiens brings you aesthetic rarity and culturally relevant customization.

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