Robin Weatherall

My name is Robin and I am a creative artist, with a passion for all forms of visual art, especially graphic design, concept and character art, illustration for children, dark twisted universes and painterly neo-gothic surrealism. I am originally from England, although I see myself as a bit of a global traveler, and have several interests, especially in electronic music. I spend a great deal of time making unique colorful dreamscapes, interesting characters, digital illustration, and traditional works like sculptures and oil paintings.
I create a lot of different things, from flower paintings to illustration. One
of my passions is to paint aliens. I have been experimenting with digital art, color palettes, and psychedelic collage effects for over a decade. My main goal with my paintings is to bring some interesting, and renewed energy into the world, while exploring color combinations and unique vibrations.
My Alien Visitors is a set of 200 unique psychedelic alien paintings and
sentient lifeforms chromatically painted with vibrancy and the universe.
Every painting is spontaneous, intricate, and exclusive using painterly
techniques and artistic flare based on mood and meditation. Adding
textured brush strokes, smudging and color manipulation, makes my
paintings come to life. When combining, rotating and warping colors,
shapes, and other elements several times, while using different lighting
effects and image manipulation. I am able to create unique and attractive

I work exclusively in Photoshop and have done for many years. Some of myother projects I create using Illustrator or other additional software such as Apophysis for fractals, which can be recycled back into my alien paintings.

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