The NFT collection of Puggos is a vast and unique collection of 4,000 Puggos curated by BullishArt.

The Puggos are the most complex NFT in term of variety, traits that we ever deal with.

The price of a Puggo is 0.4 BSV and currently we have distributed over 2,000 Puggos, half of the collection is still listed and can be. browse on the Relayx platform.

The aesthetic of Puggos are impressive as well as their accessories from hats to glasses, fashion items and even tattoos.

Everything has been designed from scratch by a team of professional designers and artists in a period of six months.

BullishArt team is very dedicated to the curation of Puggo Sapiens and it is guiding the Puggos artists to develop furthermore the collection.

The coming “Zombies Puggos” is an example of this curation: this Halloween each holder of Puggos will be airdropped a Zombie Puggos.

More social events, promotion will be soon be revealed!