Puggo Sapiens

The Puggos are among us and most important they were revealed after 36 hours from minting.

In 36 hours Puggos received an amazing feedback from the community despite collections keep dropping continuosly. Many users noted on Twitter that Puggos are very different from the rest.

How different?

Before the mint we announced that Puggos are hyper customized while following aesthetic principles; they reflect your own identity; that is, the meaning of them coming from a parallel Universe.

Now that we have more than 10% Puggos collected, we have revealed this after airdropping 1 extra Puggo to every collector who got more than 5 Puggos.

Now it is time to see how the Puggos rarity is distributed.

529 unique traits and 4 rarity levels. What’s rarity level? The rarity levels of Puggos are terminology from the dog world.

Companion 47%

  • Bone in Mouth
  • CLosed Mouth
  • Closed Mouth with Tongue Out
  • Drooling

Pedigree 33%

  • Bubble Blowing
  • Smiling
  • Smiling with Tongue Out
  • Underbite

Stud 13%

  • Labret Spike
  • Lip Ring
  • Smoking

Sire 7%

  • Gold Teeth
  • Vaping

These 4 different groups indicate a good portion of rarity, but check what Puggo is wearing, what tattoo has got and the other traits described on the graphic above.

With 216 outfits … Puggos are more fashionable than many of us !

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