Tokenising artworks using non-fungible tokens (NFTs) has become a global phenomenon as adoption and interest in blockchain technology continues to grow around the world, but not all blockchain protocols and NFT marketplaces offer the same utility. The BSV blockchain, thanks to its low transaction fees, high data throughput and native support for complex smart contracts offers the easiest and most efficient way to mint NFTs on a public blockchain.

That is why Todd Williamson, contemporary abstract painter and winner of the Pollock Krasner Foundation Prize for Creativity, has chosen to mint NFTs of his art through BullishArt – a curated NFT art marketplace built on the BSV blockchain. Williamson’s extensive career is filled with achievements, from the Icon Award to the Arte Non Stop International Film Festival’s Special Artist Recognition Award.

His work is the perfect fit for BullishArt’s curated NFT marketplace, which focuses on NFTs curated by experts across multiple blockchains, offering a platform that ensures authenticity and traceability for artists and collectors.

We spoke to Williamson about his experience with minting NFTs through BullishArt and what this new technology means for the future of art.

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