The minting of NFTs that represent physical and digital art may enable exciting new avenues for artists and art sellers, but it can be difficult to understand and navigate the different platforms and blockchain protocols that enable this, especially for the many artists and art sellers who have no experience with blockchain technology and tokenised assets.

This is where services like BullishArt and MusicArt come in – they offer an easy way to onboard artists and art sellers and get them minting NFTs on the BSV blockchain, with no NFT experience or expertise required. The BSV blockchain offers the best platform on which to mint and use NFTs, thanks to its low transaction fees, high data throughput and support for complex smart contracts and file storage.

Whereas NFTs minted on Ethereum mostly consist of a URL embedded in smart contract, which in turn points to a centralised server or cloud platform like AWS that could store anything at that address, NFTs minted on the BSV blockchain are stored on the blockchain itself, meaning they are immutable and are not subject to the closure or compromise of centralised servers.

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