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BullishArt Artists

Juliano Romão

Juliano Romão is an undergraduate student pursuing a B.S. in Mathematics at the University of São Paulo, Brazil. Throughout his degree, he has developed problem solving skills through the application of computer programming and algorithms. By the end of 2020, Juliano realized that he could contrast the order and logic of Mathematics with the chaotic […]

Bessonov Flejtskraft

At BullishArt we love presenting you new great artists and today we do by introudcing you Dmitry Bessonov, artist, living and working in Volgograd, Russia. He is engaged in creativity after participating in the project of Mikhail Shemyakin “Hand in Art”. In the words of the artist” “Shemyakin’s hand showed me my path, and I […]

Zipa Zoro

Zipa Zoro (Kouassi Konan Urbain) was born on January 16, 1991 in Abidjan, in the town of Bingerville, from a family of carpenters. His passion for art began when he was only a child. After the separation of his parents, life became very hard for him and the street turned into his second home, hosting […]

Alberto Rossi

Alberto is a multidisciplinary designer focused on motion design. He studied motion graphic design at the FX-Animation school in Barcelona and worked as a digital and motion designer in the advertising industry. His inspiration comes from the Cyberpunk culture contaminated by surrealism and abstracts influences. He mixes different techniques from 3D and 2D to create hypnotizing and mesmerizing animations. […]

R. p. Callahan

R.p. Callahan is a traditional and digital artist based out of the USA and currently living in the beautiful state of NM. Self-taught in illustration and painting he has won many art awards throughout school and has done commissions for Craig Alanson Ex Force series, 3D models for James Altucher, and many books and album covers. […]

Roma Soida

Our new artist is Roma Soida, he lives and studies in Moscow at the Moscow School of Contemporary Art. Roma Soida is an artist who experiments in different areas of creativity. He makes performances, organizes installations, publishes art books and T-shirts with his own prints, catches inspiration in sketchbooks, combines digital painting and freehand drawing […]

Lazaro Hurtado

Lázaro Hurtado is an Argentinian artist currently living in Buenos Aires, Argentina, were he works .Graduate Fine arts “ Bachillerato de Bellas Artes “ affiliated the National University of La Plata.He states that more than an artist, he is a thinker. His work born from the necessity of expressing thoughts and conceptions of the World that […]


Momo is a Japanese collage artist.  Currently, we are presenting collage works that use cutouts from magazines and printed matter as materials, centering on analog collages. He is inspired by the music and sounds he has been deeply involved with. Ambient Music, Field Recording, Noise Music, Industrial, Improvisational Music, Contemporary Music, Electronic Music, Alternative, Avantgarde, Rock, […]

Maria Akatieva

The artist we are going to introduce today was born in Ukraine, a small town of Krivoy Rog. He name is Marka Akatieva and despite her young age of 19 years old she has a huge audience in her social networks of more than 100k followers on Instagram and on TikTok.  She studied for 8 […]

Theo Cerri

Theo Cerri is a Graphic Designer and Illustrator. He was born in Italy in 1991 in a town close to Milan. Growing up, he has always been passionate about art, especially interested in the act of creation. Theo’s father was a Journalist and Graphic Designer, and thanks to him, he has started drawing and developing […]

Robson Clecio

Robson Clecio was born in São Paulo, Brazil. He graduated in arts in 2005 and worked in some museums as an educator. During this period, he has always produced art, participating in some collectives shows in Brazil, Tokyo, and Lisbon. Currently, in addition to work with plastic arts, he also works as a tattoo artist. […]

Sirius Journey

Sirius is a Brazilian artist and throughout his career, he looked for inspiration in the most varied cultures. He divides his time between teaching art and creating independent art. He was an illustrator and publicist, and from 2008 he disconnected from the commercial market and adopted the stage name of Sirius, and started to look […]

Giuseppe Lo Presti

Giuseppe Lo Presti is an Italian artist and professor at the University of Art in the city of Palermo, Italy. He has been very active both in the field of art education and the the performances. His works have been exhibited in Italy, Europe, US and Asia as well. Currently Giuseppe is exploring the new […]

Ferdinando Xerxes

Fernando Xerxes is a digital collagist from Sergipe (province of brazil), his works use retro / vintage elements, ranging from the 50s to the 80s. his arts portray subtle psychological states and are usually difficult to describe in a few words Ecstasy, Joy that is not full, irony, the universe of dreams and daydreams amid […]

Ales Lyalush

BullishArt is proud to launch the artworks of Ales Lyalush on NFT marketplaces. For the launch of the artist, BullishArt has minted 33 editions of the artwork “High five” which is available on Tezos NFT marketplace here Who is Ales Lyalush? Ales received a higher professional art education. Bachelor’s degreein fine arts. Ales Lyalush works […]

Shea Winter Roggio

Shea Winter Roggio is an American professional fine art and documentary photographer based in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. After studying cinematography at the University of Southern California, he obtained a BFA in Photography from the University of the Arts and is an alumnus of the Eddie Adams Workshop and Center for Emerging Visual Artists. His formal training […]



Videotapestry shows the slow-moving metamorphosis of multiple textile forms and videos obtained by use of machine learning. To create these objects I take huge inspiration from my clay sculptures, which are heavily influenced by natural rock formations, seashells, and wind-shaped forms. Soft propagations of color, light, and textile movements are meant to suggest a meditative, […]


AM000a This is part of Collaboration series by the artist Momo When artists join their visions and create together, it is a precious moment. This is a collaboration between Japanese collage artist momo and ambient music composer Ely Janoville. Collage animation by momo (@momo09079) Music by Ely Janoville (@elyjanoville) Click here to purchase the NFT of AM00a

NEW mints

Today we are minting new artworks by Fernando Xerxez, the first Colors Series, and others from the Geometric and Cosmic Color Series. Trip Colors Series In this playful collection, it’s an ode to colors and their variety in nature. Address playful and disconnected themes, without pretending to make sense, or to have sentimental/social baggage, etc. however, […]

Spirit of Sun

Spirit of Sun is part of the series ” Forgotten Masks” This circular mask was danced to celebrate the farming season. It represents the sun, necessary with rain and the earth for growth. This is the third NFT minted by Theo Cerri in collaboration with BullishArt and we cannot wait to reveal the new works that […]


Ales received a higher professional art education. Bachelor’s degree in fine arts. Ales Lyalush works in digital painting techniques on an iPad Pro. The Weekdays first NFT is Monday and it is 10 editions for 20 Tezos.


Today we are releasing 3 new NFTs from the Ales Lyalush on Opensea “Frida” “Tom Waits” and “Bob Marley” – 1/1 edition for the 3 artworks. We are really excited to release these amazing artworks on Ethereum and we wish you to explore Ales Lyalush NFTs on Opensea

BullishArt explained

BullishArt is an online NFT art gallery that curates the works of talented contemporary artists around the world in an accessible and secured way. This platform aims to help collectors and artists on the blockchain and guide them on how to best use these technologies that are usually quite difficult to approach for the standard user who is […]

Golden Transmutation

by Leonardi In the world of the artist, Gold will always be the most valuable item in the human quest. With technological evolution, gold became a metal made in a laboratory with no value in precious metal but elementary for space exploration and development in quantum physics. Science based on bacterial alchemy transmuted and created […]