Today we are releasing 3 new NFTs from the Ales Lyalush on Opensea “Frida” “Tom Waits” and “Bob Marley” – 1/1 edition for the 3 artworks.

Bob Marley
Tom Waits

We are really excited to release these amazing artworks on Ethereum and we wish you to explore Ales Lyalush NFTs on Opensea



In the last few months, Tezos has been experiencing a very intense development related to Defi and NFT.

A project that here at BullishArt we have been very interested since the beginning is the stable coin Kolibri.

What is Kolibri?

Kolibri is a Tezos based stable coin built on Collateralized Debt Positions (CDPs).

If you are familiar with DAI on Ethereum, probably you are already familiar with this concept.

The good news is that being built on Tezos, Kolibri is very fast and inexpensive.

Kolibri lets you save a lot

For our NFT marketplace, Kolibri is an excellent choice, in fact on BullishArt we list our artists NFTs in US dollars, offering the option to purchase with PayPal. Since the NFTs are quoted in US dollars, adding Kolibri with the benefits of almost zero fees, we can provide a discount of 25% on the US dollar price.

25 % Discount with Kolibri

Take a look at the NFT market on BullishArt



Momo is a Japanese collage artist. 

Currently, we are presenting collage works that use cutouts from magazines and printed matter as materials, centering on analog collages. He is inspired by the music and sounds he has been deeply involved with.

Ambient Music, Field Recording, Noise Music, Industrial, Improvisational Music, Contemporary Music, Electronic Music, Alternative, Avantgarde, Rock, Techno, Electronica, Minimal, Drone, Hardcore, Punk, Grindcore, Black Metal, Doom, Post Rock, Post he makes collages while listening to music such as dubstep, post-classical, etc., and the influence of the sound is great.

He likes to create chaos and order when improvising collages.  Collages with a theme and narrative are often created by cutting out the emotions, gestures, and moments of anthropomorphic creatures.

 OM series

OM also means “sound representing the universe” and is considered as the sound of the beginning of everything.

 The pronunciation is AUM, but each of these three sounds is a word composed of the first sound [A ・ a], the last sound [M ・ n], and the middle [U ・ u].

[A] Waking up: Consciousness is outward.  All beings that we think exist in the world are included here. 

[U] Dream state: A state in which consciousness is facing inward.  State of knowledge.  Even this state is a phantom created by the material principle. 

[M] Deep sleep: Unconsciousness.  In this state of thoughtlessness, you can feel deep bliss. 

[-] There is no word to explain it because it is silent.  There is no consciousness.  It is a state of complete tranquility, peace, bliss, and equality. The ohm is composed of AUM and three sounds but actually contains the fourth silence.

The inner essence that cannot be seen because it is hidden in the body and thoughts, the soul (self) has never been polluted by thoughts such as karma (work/act) and anxiety based on the material principle. 

What is a pure soul without? We are thinking about what kind of life forms exist in the universe, which is larger than the earth and the sun.

There is a lot of OM chanting music It is also influenced by Om, a duo of doom stoner band Sleep bass and drums.

Explore Momo OM series in Opensea


Maria Akatieva

The artist we are going to introduce today was born in Ukraine, a small town of Krivoy Rog.

He name is Marka Akatieva and despite her young age of 19 years old she has a huge audience in her social networks of more than 100k followers on Instagram and on TikTok. 

She studied for 8 years at an art school and now she is engaged in self-study, constantly practicing, and planning to get specialized education in Europe.

Maria loves drawing and her passion is so strong that many times it keeps her awake at night to create her artworks.

Maria artworks will be available on both Opensea and HEN.


Theo Cerri

Theo Cerri is a Graphic Designer and Illustrator. He was born in Italy in 1991 in a town close to Milan. Growing up, he has always been passionate about art, especially interested in the act of creation.

Theo’s father was a Journalist and Graphic Designer, and thanks to him, he has started drawing and developing an artistic sense from a young age. He got into tribal masks during art lessons in high school, he was so fascinated by cubist artists like Picasso and how he explored the African style.

Since that Theo’s journey into indigenous art never stopped. In his work, he tries to represent through colors, texture and shapes the sacred moment of ritual, when the mask Spirit takes possession of the wearer.

For the last four years, he has lived in East London, enjoying the unique vibe of the city, which had a substantial impact on his style of drawing and approaching design.

Theo considers himself a positive creative, and he believes in the power of connection in every single project.

The exclusive edition of the Spirit of Buffalo is available here Spirit of Buffalo – Theo Cerri | OpenSea


Robson Clecio

Robson Clecio was born in São Paulo, Brazil.

He graduated in arts in 2005 and worked in some museums as an educator.

During this period, he has always produced art, participating in some collectives shows in Brazil, Tokyo, and Lisbon.

Currently, in addition to work with plastic arts, he also works as a tattoo artist.

Our team at BullishArt was impressed with Robson works after finding him on Instagram, and we were quite fast in contacting him explaining our NFT minting curation services.

Currently his artworks are curated by us in HEN and Opensea.

The artist Robson Clecio has joined BullishArt collection for NFT minting, promotion and sales, BullishArt is proud to introduce him to the NFT enthusiasts and beyond.


Sirius Journey

Sirius is a Brazilian artist and throughout his career, he looked for inspiration in the most varied cultures. He divides his time between teaching art and creating independent art.

He was an illustrator and publicist, and from 2008 he disconnected from the commercial market and adopted the stage name of Sirius, and started to look for a more authorial art, even though incorporating elements of commercial art, comics, and mixing that aesthetics of the engravings (woodcuts and engraving on metal).

In 2012 he had contact with a Brazilian indigenous tea and started a process of an aesthetic change, but it was only in 2017 that he managed to start this creative process that he is still currently developing.

He uses mostly ink, pen, and paper, and sometimes (in the creations involving colors) he uses gouache or acrylic, and in a second stage, he photographs the creations and takes them to digital using image editing software such as GIMPe Kripta.

The themes mix science fiction, fantasies, shamanism, and are largely the result of my experiences with Raé, Peyote, and Ayahuasca.

The artist Sirius has joined BullishArt collection for NFT minting, promotion and sales, BullishArt is proud to introduce him to the NFT enthusiasts and beyond.


Giuseppe Lo Presti

Giuseppe Lo Presti is an Italian artist and professor at the University of Art in the city of Palermo, Italy. He has been very active both in the field of art education and the the performances. His works have been exhibited in Italy, Europe, US and Asia as well.

Currently Giuseppe is exploring the new digital tools and the NFT world.



Fernando Xerxes is a digital collagist from Sergipe (province of brazil), his works use retro / vintage elements, ranging from the 50s to the 80s. his arts portray subtle psychological states and are usually difficult to describe in a few words Ecstasy, Joy that is not full, irony, the universe of dreams and daydreams amid a moment of lucidity.

All of this against the backdrop of playful and exotic landscapes places out of imagination permeated with colors and cosmic elements.

For if human feelings are not full enough at times, art always brings them to fullness.

Cosmic Colors Series

This is a collection of works that portrays, through digital collage, mixing
paint textures with photos of the universe and interstellar space, so as to portray a state of consciousness permeated with dreams and surrealisms. And where, too, some feelings and expressions can arise without the weight of self-judgment.

This series is connected with subtle and tender feelings of the individual, such as affection, acceptance, ecstasy, pleasure, etc.

Geometric Lands Series

In this series of works, geometric shapes are merged into the background
to portray the state of paranoia and anxiety that plague an individual’s psyche.

The repetition of shapes and the contrast in black and white appears in order to represent
repetitive and hurried thoughts, which come and go.

Many of these feelings speak about the desire to escape, the negativity, sense of urgency and anguish, common in the digital age, where information is consumed at a high volume and, at a time, without a critical sense of reality, news, and context.

Trip’s Colors Series

This playful collection, it’s an ode to colors and their variety in nature.
Address playful and disconnected themes, without pretending to make sense, or to have sentimental/social baggage, etc. However, sometimes they can portray some behavioral
criticism, similar to the other collections of the artist.

The artist Fernando Xerxes has joined BullishArt collection for NFT minting, promotion and sales, BullishArt is proud to introduce him to the NFT enthusiasts and beyond.

NFT drop


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