Ales Lyalush

Ales Lyalush works in digital painting techniques on an iPad Pro. Tablet, as a means, allows him a wider and more versatile use of the skills learned in the study of classical techniques of painting and

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Artist Profiles and Credentials.

Ales received a higher professional art education. Bachelor’s degree in fine arts. Original, ironic view of the author’s world, is reflected in his
amazingly subtle and philosophical works.
Participated in numerous exhibitions in Russia and abroad. Works are
in private and official collections worldwide.

More information about Ales Lyalush

Founder and curator of the gallery “Sky”.

Co-author of the thrash performance “Art for Booze”.

Collaborated with Urban Confluence to design the Silicon Valley

BullishArt curated the authenticity of the artist profile on the marketplace, this is also an NFT for registering our curation on-chain.

Ales Lyalush selected group exhibitions:

2021 Moscow, Vinzavod Center for Contemporary Art, “Digital Earth”

2020 Surgut, “Parallel Reality” exhibition of Russian artists 2019
Saint Petersburg, Nebo gallery, Petrodjazz exhibition

2018 Saint Petersburg, Veresk Gallery, “Digital Art” exhibition

2018 Moscow, Actual Russia

2017-2018 St Petersburg, thrash performance Art for Booze 2017 St
Petersburg, Gamma festival, Artificia

2016 St. Petersburg, Stieglitz Academy, “Technics” exhibition
2014-2018 St. Petersburg, Solar Systo

2005 Chelyabinsk, “Union of Artists of Russia”, exhibition “The Urals”

Selected solo exhibitions:

2019 St. Petersburg, art club “Gorbyl”

2018 St. Petersburg, Artmuse creative cluster

Collections Generative Art


The BSV community was waiting a lot for this generative art collection to be released and finally Gopnik has launched.

Created by Meta Desk, the Gopnik is generative art on BSV and the first collection to be released using a fair distribution method.

This method allows user to randomly purchase an NFT, and later reveals the NFT to the user. This distribution idea was first introduced by other teams in Ethereum with the Hashmask collection.

Finally the BSV has this tool, which makes the collection more exciting. The whole random distribution and listing was done on

What is a Gopnik?

BullishArt team was not familiar with this term, so we search on Wikipedia:

A gopnik [ˈɡopnʲɪk] is a member of a delinquent subculture in Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, and in other former Soviet republics – a young man (or a woman, a gopnitsa) of working-class background who usually lives in Russian suburban areas and comes from a family of poor education and income.
Gopnik 1302 is part of BullishArt collection

Quite an interesting subject to choose by the creators of Gopnik! Given the NFT trend in generative art, starting from Cryptopunks and other main collection, the gang-look is a recurring feature, but no collection can beat Gopnik from this perspective.

Gopnik Rarity

The collection is structured quite well also from the rarity point of view, this is how the rarity works:

4 characters: IGOR, BORIS, VLAD, and CHAD.

The eye colors are: Green, Purple, Blue, Yellow, Brown, Blue/Orange, Pink/Blue

The face features are: None, Eyebags, Eye punch, Drunk, Scar, Beard, Golden Tooth.

In total there are 3,000 Gopnik and we have talked with Meta Desk during the launch and they confirmed in about 7 hours more than 2,000 NFT were sold.

This is a big achievement for the BSV ecosystem since it proves the collectors presence also in bug numbers.

Another interesting feature of Gopnik is the presence of several faces, with Chad, Boris, Igor and Vlad. This is very new and create more identity and variety. While other collection have mostly one face, Gopnik has 4 to play with.

To learn more about Gopinik rarity here.

Meme Culture

There is no doubts that NFT trend is very related to the Meme just like the whole crypto world.

Twetch CEO, the Frog, received a special Gopnik from the “honorary series”.

Big Expectation for Gopnik

The generative art collections bring a lot of expectation when they can touch the popular culture like Gopnik. BullishArt was fast enough to collect a couple of Gopnik and will keep an eye on the development of the Gopnik secondary market.

Generative Art NFT Lab

Moody Headz

There is something in art for everyone and also some art for everyone. Each Moody Headz has a unique design with unique characteristics. 111 Moody Headz were born randomly by a generated program following a color theory based code. 

Each Moody Headz has been created to offer help for others, if you find a Moody Headz that resonates with you, you can own, share it or give it to someone you think it might help. Like a mascot, a little champion or a virtual friend. 

Moody Headz are minted on BitCoin, these very expressive NFT are work of generative art. There will be only 111 Moody Headz forever.

Moody Headz have been created to celebrate diversity.

Explore Moody Headz on the BitCoin marketplace by clicking here

Featured Artwork

Poutine by Maikeul

This is our second time to curate a Maikeul’s artwork, the French artist who is particularly prominent on the Tezos blockchain.

Maikeul has been one of the first professional artist to start exhibiting on Tezos, as early as the Proof of Stake blockchain has begun operating with the NFTs.

After having successfully delivered “The Baker” for 1,200 xtz, another artwork by Maikeul, an homage to the PoS consensus mechanism where baking is a metaphor for staking, our second endeavor is introducing another great artwork this time even more powerful, for representing the strong and controversial figure of Vladimir Putin.

Is this NFT a good investment?

Discover our market analysis about this NFT

Before our team begun curating this NFT, the listed price was 5,000 xtz – currently it is 3,980 and this is part of our promotion to our collectors community.

To collect the 1/1 NFT of Vladimir Poutine, login with you wallet below and refresh the page. You can purchase it right on BullishArt.

If you need support to complete your transaction, you can chat with our team clicking on the right corner below.

Collect this NFT before the Dicember 31 to be rewarded 100,000 Bart.

About Maikeul

MAIKEUL (Mickaël) is an artist born in the mid-90s, having lived in different countries of Europe, North America and the Middle East.
Passionate about art, started drawing from a young age. But it was only during 2020, five years after graduating in gemmology and jewellery design from the prestigious Gemological institute of America of New York, that MAIKEUL decided to develop his art by combining digital art with physical art.
Until today, he draws digitally then prints his works on canvas and reworks them by hand using acrylic as well as adding gilding and different types of varnish.

BullishArt update

There is a big change coming to BullishArt BullishArt is going to be a Creator and a Curator. We won’t mint other artists artworks anymore. We will curate other artists NFTs, but for the minting process it is going to be Art created 100% by our team.

Curating is going to be a free service and a pro-service paid in Bart. Artists will be welcomed to register their profile on our site to be promoted. They mint their NFTs we promote them. We will cover all NFT art in the space without any borders. Meanwhile we will create our own art, now that we have a solid team of artists & curators, we just create our own artworks. This especially is important to clarify what is our creation and what is other artists creations. Again we are going to promote actively other artists NFTs, but those will be minted by them


One Way BitCoin

This NFT has been created by the artist taking inspiration by New York and BitCoin and it was showcased during the Coin Geek conference in NY in 2021.

By Theo Cerri – Curated by BullishArt

TitleOne Way BitCoin
ArtistTheo Cerri


Bit NY

This NFT has been created by the artist taking inspiration by New York and BitCoin and it was showcased during the Coin Geek conference in NY in 2021.

By Momo – Curated by BullishArt

TitleBit NY


BSV ready for launch

This NFT has been created by the artist taking inspiration by New York and BitCoin and it was showcased during the Coin Geek conference in NY in 2021.

By Francesco Buonfino – Curated by BullishArt

TitleBSV ready for launch
ArtistFrancesco Buonfino


Geometric Lands BitCoin Special Edition

This NFT has been created by the artist taking inspiration by New York and BitCoin and it was showcased during the Coin Geek conference in NY in 2021.

By Fernando Xerxez – Curated by BullishArt

TitleGeometric Lands BitCoin Special Edition
ArtistFernando Xerxez


New York Heraldry

This NFT has been created by the artist taking inspiration by New York and BitCoin and it was showcased during the Coin Geek conference in NY in 2021.

By Luiz Leonardi – Curated by BullishArt

TitleNew York Heraldry
ArtistLuiz Leonardi