Bitcoin Association introduces BullishArt

The Bitcoin Association kindly reached our team before publishing an article about BullishArt, this is an excerpt from it

BullishArt – a curated NFT artwork platform

Bitcoin Association spoke to BullishArt founder Francesco Morello about how Bitcoin SV can empower artists interested in creating NFTs, as well as their plans to introduce support for the BSV blockchain.

BullishArt aims to provide a single destination for art NFTs curated by experts across multiple blockchains, offering a platform that ensures authenticity and traceability for artists and collectors.

‘BullishArt is an art selection on-chain for multiple chains: Tezos, Klaytn and Ethereum, and hopefully soon Bitcoin SV. Since anyone can create NFTs, we believe that a selection made by art curators gives more trust to the authenticity and traceability for the collectors,’ Morello says.

‘For the artists it improves visibility, as many are now understanding that it is not easy to be noticed.’

Each artwork minted through BullishArt is tokenised exclusively on a single chain, as this ensures there are no copies of a particular piece.

‘Through our minting form, the artist decides where to mint. We offer options for reaching a larger audience, and they can also switch blockchain if necessary,’ Morello explains.

The process of minting NFTs is begun by artists who apply to tokenise their work through the BullishArt website. From here, the actual minting process is completed by BullishArt. Morello says they hope to soon launch support for Bitcoin SV-based token minting, enabled by the BSV blockchain’s low transaction fees and support for complex smart contracts and data transactions.

The original article is available here


KrafterSpace and BullishArt

BullishArt was mentioned in the article by Klaytn about KrafterSpace

“KrafterSpace was launched last week, invigorating the NFT space, receiving overwhelming interest from both first-time and experienced creators.

KrafterSpace, launched by Ground X, is a service that allows anyone to easily and quickly mint NFTs on Klaytn. When you upload an image or a video-based file, it is immediately issued as a KIP-17, a Klaytn-based non-fungible token. During its initial beta service period, NFTs can be issued without having to require creators to pay gas fees — a network fee that is normally requested when minting KIP-17 NFT’s. KrafterSpace was created from the ground-up for all users, featuring an easy to use UX/UI, allowing people with no in-depth knowledge of crypto to get involved and start creating. Additionally, your creations may get the chance to shine as they are displayed on the KrafterSpace main page when minted”.

To read the complete article click here


Meet Roma

Hi, my name is Roma Soida.

I study contemporary art in Moscow and have a full-fledged artistic practice: I take part in exhibitions and auctions, write articles, and so on. The NTF market has interested me with a new audience that wants to support contemporary art, but in a completely new way, through cryptocurrency and blockchain. It also provided an easy threshold for entering the art world, a huge number of marketplaces filled with secondary art, and in order to find a visually worthwhile object of art (this is the one on which the author has noticeably worked both technically and conceptually, in my opinion these are essential indicators of art), you need to try very hard …

Bullish Art, a platform that cares about the quality of art, therefore has a large staff of curated professionals from various fields of art. Thus, you acquire NTF with a conceptual history and support the author, who can rightfully be called an artist, because you are contributing to contemporary art, and not speculating on it.

The work of Roma has been featured in Klaytn official blog.

Привет, меня зовут Рома Сойда.

Я изучаю современное искусство в Москве ( и веду полноценную художественную практику: принимаю участие в выставках и аукционах, пишу статьи и прочее. Рынок NFT заинетересовал меня новой аудиторией, которая хочет поддержать современное искусство, но совершенно новым путем, через криптовалюту и блокчейн. Также это обеспечило легкий порог вхождения в арт мир, огромное количесвто маркеплейсов заполненно вторичным искусством и чтобы найти визуально стоящий объект искусства (это тот над которым автор заметно работал как технически, так и концептуально, на мой взгляд это существенные показатели искусства), необходимо очень постараться.

Bullishart — площадка, которая заботит качество искусства, поэтому имеет большой штат кураторов профессионалов из разных сфер искусства. Таким образом вы приобретаете NFT с концептуальной историей и поддерживаете автора, которого по праву можно назвать художником. Оттого вы делаете вклад в современное искусство, а не спекулируете на нем.

BART Updates


Our token Bart has just begun a new adventure, after launching on Tezos as an FA2 token, now a second version of Bart is available on BitCoin.

When we refer to BitCoin we are talking to the original design that enables smart contracts and tokens implementation, with the ticker BSV.

Why launching Bart into a second chain?

BullishArt is by design a multichain service to offer a wide range of options and convenience. BARTsv will allow the BitCoin users to interact with our collection using the chain they are familiar with.

Moreover BitCoin allows a very low cost of operation, in the order of 0.0002$ which can help artists and curators to have a more efficient experience.

BART second public Airdrop

BARTsv Public Airdrop on BitCoin To be entered into the airdrop, follow us, retweet, tag three friends in the comments, and fill out this Google form… with where you want your BARTsv sent.


Zipa Art

1 limited edition

by Zipa Zoro, Ivory Coast, Africa.
Price: 670 Tez
Visit listing here


BullishArt on Klaytn

We have anticipated this development since a while, in fact, Klaytn has been on our radar for quite sometime. Finally we have begun minting NFTs on Klaytn as well.

The South Korean blockchain Klaytn provides a very fast and inexpensive NFT creation and Klaytn has been integrated in Opensea, the biggest NFT marketplace.

This is a great upgrade for our artists and curators community.

To learn more about Klaytn click on this image.


Juliano Romão

Juliano Romão is an undergraduate student pursuing a B.S. in Mathematics at the University of São Paulo, Brazil. Throughout his degree, he has developed problem solving skills through the application of computer programming and algorithms. By the end of 2020, Juliano realized that he could contrast the order and logic of Mathematics with the chaotic nature of human creativity to create art, which began his exploration in the field.

Fascinated by the possibility of creating art from the logical sequences of computer programs, he experimented with a variety of different code structures, adding in pinches of creativity and mathematics at every turn. Initially, his inspiration led him to pursue dynamical and chaotic systems, which are grounded in random objects and variables. This leads to mesmerizing pieces of artwork. With time, however, Juliano’s focus shifted towards order, as most things do, and through the use of repeating loops and symmetric objects, he created admirable works of art that stem from the deterministic nature of computers.

Resulting from this exploration is a deep truth: Mathematics and beauty are present in both order and disorder; and this wisdom is the foundation of Juliano’s purpose to achieve that which can be truly perceived as beauty, as he walks the fine line between structure and chaos.

Thirty Pulsing Squares

The artist writes: “I find this artwork simple but also mesmerizing. It consists of a group of thirty centered squares as the name suggests. Aside from making each one pulse in a cyclic pattern they also decrease and increase in side length looping back to it’s original size. During this creation I noticed that something happens when the squares begins to intersect each other, and this is because of the pulsing effect, that is basically the stroke weight of each square changing over frames, passed by trigonometric functions”.



We are very excited to announce you our airdrop received 24,000 applications.

We have begun transferring the Bart tokens to the 5,000 users who will receive 300 Bart each.

To the rest 19,000 users we plan to transfer 26 Bart each by the end of 2021.


CyberPunk Seoul, 2021

Animated neon-noir photo of Seoul, South Korea created by the artist Shea Roggio 10 editions available on BullishArt for 3 Tez here



Videotapestry shows the slow-moving metamorphosis of multiple textile forms and videos obtained by use of machine learning.

To create these objects I take huge inspiration from my clay sculptures, which are heavily influenced by natural rock formations, seashells, and wind-shaped forms. Soft propagations of color, light, and textile movements are meant to suggest a meditative, introspective quality, quite like biological life forms recorded in time-lapse. Collector will also get HD file & hand-signed legal authentication.

Videotapestry has been minted by BullishArt on Ethereum.