We pay you first!

We want to start rewarding you just because you have joined BullishArt and for each NFT you mint with us, even if it has not been collected yet.

We pay you first and we can do that because of BART.

BART is BullishArt curation token and as such its value is growing thanks to the progress of our project as a whole. Every time BullishArt gets more visibility thanks to a new artist joining, a new collection being released, BART gets more utility.

BART is the first Art Curation token on BitCoin

Game Changer

Every marketplace allows you to mint, to put your creation out for sales, but how many are really supporting you to deliver value?The whole BullishArt concept revolves about the art of curation, and, the curation of art!

We already support you by covering all the minting fees and by curating your art. Today we are adding more incentives for you.


Now that our platform is more complex and we keep receiving new artist application on a daily base, we are introducinb our incentives to support artists creativity on BullishArt.

Welcome Reward and NFT minting Rewards

  • Application Accepted = 50 BART
  • First 10 NFT created = 50 BART
  • First 50 NFT created = 100 BART
  • Your 100 NFT created = 200 BART

(not for generative art)

NFT sales price

  • Receive 50% of listed price in BART before even selling your NFT.

Example: we list your NFT of 10 edition at 50$ each, the potential value is 500$, we pay you 250$ BART in advance. This is valid for the NFT accepted and minted, and the listed price is decided by our curators.

Note well
BullishArt can change this condition at anytime, upon communicating on this site new information.