First of all, why a token for art curation?

We believe that the missing piece in the NFT world is the curation of art. The NFT market is just too focus exclusively with trading of the artworks, while collectors and artists grow day by day impatient to find the right audience, to valorize their artworks and ultimately their investment.

Since the beginning, BullishArt has stressed the importance of curations, setting our team of curators dedicated to guide artists in delivering the artworks to the right audience, finding innovative ways to narrate the artists ideas to collectors.

The art players have shaped our understanding and guided us to perceive more their needs; we received requests from artists and collectors to curate their artworks, to help getting the right visibility.

This process has helped our team understanding where Bart can fit in, how it can be useful for the art experience.

That is why we are confident that Bart can be the token for art curation.

Bart on BitCoin

ProtocolSensible Protocol

What are BART token economics?

DescriptionToken Amount
For Liquidity NFTs1,000,000
Locked in DAO Treasury3,000,000
Art Curation Activities1,000,000

Liquidity NFTs: BullishArt will mint unique NFTs collection as liquidity NFTs and add 100% of the profit to the Bart/BSV pool.
This will help the team collecting enough BSV to match 1,000,000 Bart in the pool.

Locked in DAO Treasury: for 5 years 3,000,000 Bart will be locked. Each year 25% will be released (600,000 tokens).

Art Curation Activities: this is how BullishArt recruit artists, curators and fund the main activities.

BullishArt Curators

The Curators are the BullishArt pillars, they carry out the following:

  • Vote for new Artists
  • Vote for BullishArt decisions
  • Vote for Bart activities
  • Provide Liquidity to the Bart pool
  • Actively promote BullishArt in their communities
  • Curating Exhibition

Wallets and Defi

Which Wallet support Bart?

We recommend you using the wallet Volt wallet.

Swaping supports Bart with Liquidity Pool and Swapping.

How to earn Bart?

  • By buying NFT or completing NFT series.
  • By interacting in our curated exhibitions.
  • By providing liquidity on the pool for Bart/BSV.

How can you use Bart?

Art Curation

2~5% of the NFT value in Bart

Buying NFT with Bart

Save 10% on the NFT price.*

Virtual exhibition space

Reach us for a quote at

We are working to add more utility for Bart.

*Service available for selected NFTs. To buy them with Bart contact us at

Where to use bart?

Morning Duci accepts Bart
for delicious Italian Food!