NFT AM000a


This is part of Collaboration series by the artist Momo

When artists join their visions and create together, it is a precious moment.

This is a collaboration between Japanese collage artist momo and ambient music composer Ely Janoville.

Collage animation by momo (@momo09079)

Music by Ely Janoville (@elyjanoville)

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BART Airdrop

BART airdrop!

Since we are an #NFT project, our first airdrop is to our artists.

Round 1 was 1,000,000 BART to our first 20 artists.

Now round 2 begins Round 2 = 500,000 to next 40 artists

Round 3 = 300,000 to the next 200 artists


NEW mints

Today we are minting new artworks by Fernando Xerxez, the first Colors Series, and others from the Geometric and Cosmic Color Series.

Trip Colors Series

In this playful collection, it’s an ode to colors and their variety in nature. Address playful and disconnected themes, without pretending to make sense, or to have sentimental/social baggage, etc. however, sometimes they can portray some behavioral criticism, similar to the other collections of the artist.

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Geometric Lands Series

In this series of works, geometric shapes are merged into the background to portray the state of paranoia and anxiety that plague an individual’s psyche. The repetition of shapes, and the contrast in black and white appears in order to represent repetitive and hurried thoughts, which come and go. Many of these feelings speak about the desire to escape, the negativity, sense of urgency and anguish, common in the digital age, where information is consumed at a high volume and, at a time, without a critical sense of reality, news and context.

The Geometric Lands Series is minted on Bazaar NFT.

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Cosmic Colors Series

This is a collection of works that portrays, through digital collage, mixing paint textures with photos of the universe and interstellar space, so as to portray a state of consciousness permeated with dreams and surrealisms. And where, too, some feelings and expressions can arise without the weight of self-judgment. this series is connected with subtle and tender feelings of the individual, such as affection, acceptance, ecstasy, pleasure, etc.

Click on the artwork to visit the NFT page
Click on the artwork to visit the NFT page

Spirit of Sun

Spirit of Sun is part of the series ” Forgotten Masks”

This circular mask was danced to celebrate the farming season. It represents the sun, necessary with rain and the earth for growth.

This is the third NFT minted by Theo Cerri in collaboration with BullishArt and we cannot wait to reveal the new works that Theo is working at the moment.

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Alberto Rossi

Alberto is a multidisciplinary designer focused on motion design.

He studied motion graphic design at the FX-Animation school in Barcelona and worked as a digital and motion designer in the advertising industry.

His inspiration comes from the Cyberpunk culture contaminated by surrealism and abstracts influences. He mixes different techniques from 3D and 2D to create hypnotizing and mesmerizing animations.

First NFT by Alberto Rossi is Infinite Lightshade


R. p. Callahan

R.p. Callahan is a traditional and digital artist based out of the USA and currently living in the beautiful state of NM. Self-taught in illustration and painting he has won many art awards throughout school and has done commissions for Craig Alanson Ex Force series, 3D models for James Altucher, and many books and album covers. He has done murals for US Air Force as well and won first place in International FB Art competitions.

His inspiration comes from years of reading sci fi and his current fascination with 3D modeling and design. All of his models are actual 3D objects that can be manipulated and inserted in any 3D scene. Many of the space ships have been turned into printable 3D models as well for the fans of Ex Force.

Art and music have been instrumental in his life since childhood and he still loves both more than ever after many decades of self-improvement and has created over 1000 pieces of digital art in the past 10 yrs. Painting and illustration were his primary artistic mediums until the year 2000 when he decided to learn digital art and animation. In the past few years, he has sold more and more and is steadily gaining a following. Currently, over 3000 follow his FB art page, the Art of R.p. Callahan.

R.P. Callahan NFTs


Roma Soida

Our new artist is Roma Soida, he lives and studies in Moscow at the Moscow School of Contemporary Art.

Roma Soida is an artist who experiments in different areas of creativity.

He makes performances, organizes installations, publishes art books and T-shirts with his own prints, catches inspiration in sketchbooks, combines digital painting and freehand drawing in his works.Roma Soida develops the principle of deconstruction in his works, deliberately colliding different ideas and plots with each other. The artist is constantly building up contexts and makes the semantic field of work very thick and bright.

He achieves this by scanning sketches and using computer graphics to connect them and supplement them with new images. The image appears to be smoothed, glossy, despite the fact that the author preserves the texture — discontinuous pencil lines, soft lines of a felt-tip pen or brush strokes. The unlimited choice of colors, the ability to remove the wrong touch give freedom of choice to the author and he embarks on an open voyage: he connects the contrasting spots of blue, red, beige, yellow colors on the faces of the heroes as if he collects portraits like a mosaic or applique, makes comic book heroes out of some characters, exaggerating them facial features and expressions. All this takes the viewer away from reality into the imagination of Roma Soida. In his works, the artist talks about himself, but at the same time touches something personal inside everyone.

BullishArt has been appointed by the artist to mint NFTs and promote them on the marketplaces.

Cyber Walk Series

This complex series consists of four pictures. The first three depict a walk through hyperspace, in the foreground the hero comes into contact with the superintelligence, which tempts him to switch places. Then the hero freezes on a chair in virtual reality glasses and the job is done, replacing natural intelligence with artificial.

In the last picture, we see a person in whose imagination a fatal contract is taking place.

NFT series information:

4 NFTs

10 editions

hic et nunc – TYPE_DIGITAL_NAME_Cyber_Walk

hic et nunc – TYPE_DIGITAL_NAME_Cyber_Walk n.2

hic et nunc – TYPE_DIGITAL_NAME_Cyber_Walk n.3

hic et nunc – TYPE_DIGITAL_NAME_Cyber_Walk n.4



Ales received a higher professional art education. Bachelor’s degree in fine arts. Ales Lyalush works in digital painting techniques on an iPad Pro.

The Weekdays first NFT is Monday and it is 10 editions for 20 Tezos.


Lazaro Hurtado

Lázaro Hurtado is an Argentinian artist currently living in Buenos Aires, Argentina, were he works .Graduate Fine arts “ Bachillerato de Bellas Artes “ affiliated the National University of La Plata.
He states that more than an artist, he is a thinker.

His work born from the necessity of expressing thoughts and conceptions of the World that surrounds him.
The images he offers us project humanistic messages, the nature of mankind, the possible and the ridiculous. He makes comments about reality and the social forces and orders, but at the same time, he demonstrates a playful face, ironic in some cases.

The transcription of inner alchemies into paintings of surrealist characters wakes a curiosity in the viewer. The spectators would often find themselves been tickle by the ideas and concepts on reality and human behavior that he seems to contemplate and rebuilt on his mind.

The images you see are the working mechanics of a brain in a mind-made world.



Today we are releasing 3 new NFTs from the Ales Lyalush on Opensea “Frida” “Tom Waits” and “Bob Marley” – 1/1 edition for the 3 artworks.

Bob Marley
Tom Waits

We are really excited to release these amazing artworks on Ethereum and we wish you to explore Ales Lyalush NFTs on Opensea