Zipa Art

1 limited edition

by Zipa Zoro, Ivory Coast, Africa.
Price: 670 Tez
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CyberPunk Seoul, 2021

Animated neon-noir photo of Seoul, South Korea created by the artist Shea Roggio 10 editions available on BullishArt for 3 Tez here



Videotapestry shows the slow-moving metamorphosis of multiple textile forms and videos obtained by use of machine learning.

To create these objects I take huge inspiration from my clay sculptures, which are heavily influenced by natural rock formations, seashells, and wind-shaped forms. Soft propagations of color, light, and textile movements are meant to suggest a meditative, introspective quality, quite like biological life forms recorded in time-lapse. Collector will also get HD file & hand-signed legal authentication.

Videotapestry has been minted by BullishArt on Ethereum.


NFT AM000a


This is part of Collaboration series by the artist Momo

When artists join their visions and create together, it is a precious moment.

This is a collaboration between Japanese collage artist momo and ambient music composer Ely Janoville.

Collage animation by momo (@momo09079)

Music by Ely Janoville (@elyjanoville)

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NEW mints

Today we are minting new artworks by Fernando Xerxez, the first Colors Series, and others from the Geometric and Cosmic Color Series.

Trip Colors Series

In this playful collection, it’s an ode to colors and their variety in nature. Address playful and disconnected themes, without pretending to make sense, or to have sentimental/social baggage, etc. however, sometimes they can portray some behavioral criticism, similar to the other collections of the artist.

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Geometric Lands Series

In this series of works, geometric shapes are merged into the background to portray the state of paranoia and anxiety that plague an individual’s psyche. The repetition of shapes, and the contrast in black and white appears in order to represent repetitive and hurried thoughts, which come and go. Many of these feelings speak about the desire to escape, the negativity, sense of urgency and anguish, common in the digital age, where information is consumed at a high volume and, at a time, without a critical sense of reality, news and context.

The Geometric Lands Series is minted on Bazaar NFT.

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Cosmic Colors Series

This is a collection of works that portrays, through digital collage, mixing paint textures with photos of the universe and interstellar space, so as to portray a state of consciousness permeated with dreams and surrealisms. And where, too, some feelings and expressions can arise without the weight of self-judgment. this series is connected with subtle and tender feelings of the individual, such as affection, acceptance, ecstasy, pleasure, etc.

Click on the artwork to visit the NFT page
Click on the artwork to visit the NFT page

Spirit of Sun

Spirit of Sun is part of the series ” Forgotten Masks”

This circular mask was danced to celebrate the farming season. It represents the sun, necessary with rain and the earth for growth.

This is the third NFT minted by Theo Cerri in collaboration with BullishArt and we cannot wait to reveal the new works that Theo is working at the moment.

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Ales received a higher professional art education. Bachelor’s degree in fine arts. Ales Lyalush works in digital painting techniques on an iPad Pro.

The Weekdays first NFT is Monday and it is 10 editions for 20 Tezos.



Today we are releasing 3 new NFTs from the Ales Lyalush on Opensea “Frida” “Tom Waits” and “Bob Marley” – 1/1 edition for the 3 artworks.

Bob Marley
Tom Waits

We are really excited to release these amazing artworks on Ethereum and we wish you to explore Ales Lyalush NFTs on Opensea


BullishArt explained

BullishArt is an online NFT art gallery that curates the works of talented contemporary artists around the world in an accessible and secured way.

This platform aims to help collectors and artists on the blockchain and guide them on how to best use these technologies that are usually quite difficult to approach for the standard user who is not familiar with the blockchain technology yet.

Digital artists have been sharing their creations on social media platforms, gaining more engagement and visibility, but hardly generating a financial return. This is often related to the fact that digital artworks are freely available and can be easily replicated, making it harder to track ownership and authenticity.

BullishArt offers a marketplace that, being based on the NFT and blockchain technologies, prevents replication and authenticity issues.

A Non-Fungible Token is indeed an indivisible and secured proof of authenticity of a digital good. Each digital item is linked to a NFT that has a unique value and cannot be exchanged with any other asset.

Since NFT uses the blockchain technology that provides a transparent record of every transactions made, artists and collectors can now sell and trade their artworks without worrying about ownership issues.

However, it is not easy to understand such a complicated technology and the related crypto jargon, especially on a first approach.

BullishArt was created to help artists and collectors to understand every aspect of this technology, and accompany them throughout the whole process of selling and buying NFT digital art.

On one hand, through our platform artist are able to learn, share their art reaching even a greater public, as well as gain a financial return in a secured way, while being free to set the price and number of editions for their artworks.

On the other hand, collectors are able to buy art and trade it without worrying about authenticity issues and the crypto jargon barrier, while learning more about this technology little by little.

By helping exposing artists’ artworks to this new digital art market, BullishArt creates a network in which talent and passion for art is securely shared and empowered.


Golden Transmutation

by Leonardi

In the world of the artist, Gold will always be the most valuable item in the human quest. With technological evolution, gold became a metal made in a laboratory with no value in precious metal but elementary for space exploration and development in quantum physics.

Science based on bacterial alchemy transmuted and created the element of this element, the work pays homage to the golden transmutation that has been studied and developed since the beginning.

Gold Transmutation is the first of a series of artworks by Leonardi.

NFT data

This Leonardi collection will have only 10 editions for each artwork.

Who is Leonardi?

Leonardi (Brazil, April 2, 1988) is an illustrator and graffiti artist from Brazil, since 2002 he has worked on the streets with his art and participated in several events of great expression in his country.

In the digital world, he explores the field of fantasy and fiction based on alchemical studies.

How to get this NFT?

The first item by Leonardi is available here