Sirius #3

Starting from this week BullishArt will be featuring the artworks of the talented artist Sirius Draws.

Sirius is a Brazilian artist that throughout his career has been looking for inspiration in the most varied cultures.

Dividing his time between teaching and creating art, Serious worked as illustrator and publicist, before undertaking in 2008 his career as an independent artist under the stage name of Sirius.

While maintaining elements of commercial art and comics, he started looking for a more authorial art, whose aesthetic is inspired by wood and metal engraving.  

In 2012, he undertook a process of aesthetic change after coming across a Brazilian indigenous tea, but was only in 2017 that he started the new creative path that is currently developing.

Sirius creations are based on the use of ink, pen and paper, but when colors are involved he uses gouache or acrylic. In a second stage, he photographs and digitizes his creations using image editing software such as GIMPe Kripta.

The themes mix science fiction, fantasy, shamanism, and are largely the result of his experiences with Raé, Peyote and Ayahuasca.

In a first place, BullishArt will introduce a series of 9 artworks that Sirius made with ink and then digitized. Each image is composed by 55 editions but initially only 50 will be on sale. The remaining 5 editions will be locked until all other editions will be sold.

Series the Cycle – Part 1 was originally thought of as a narrative through which the artist seeks to bring a dialogue about our ups and downs, our mountains and abyss, as well as the many deaths and lives that we can experience in our existence.

The artwork Warriors Threshold represents an Umbral experience, supporting a Shamanic experience with Ayahuasca tea.

sirius draws art

Valquiria in Etenerium is about a space traveler that needs to take a quick stop to refuel. What harm could there be?

Valquiria in Etenerium – Sirius Draws

An Observer with his Coffee up representsa traveler watching, drinking his coffee cup. This image emerged during one of the pauses Sirius made while using sacred plants, and shows with a sense of feeling, an observer, passing through space and time. This artwork is made with nozzle and pen and then digitalized, having the reticles applied later with the Kripta software.

What’s more, collectors taking actions on the BullishArt social media, such as liking, following and sharing with others, will receive one free NFT representing one of Sirius artworks.

This art, The Unwary Astronaut, is part of a series of works on astronauts, representing a sequence of psychedelic surfing.

To receive the free drop NFT by Sirius visit our Twitter clicking here.


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