A great Homunculus series, this is the story of artificial creatures synthesized in special autoclaves and used for biomechanical modeling. But one day, these fully formed, humanoid creatures, aware of their individualism and possessing free will, escape from the cages of a scary and secret laboratory. As they comprehend the vicissitudes of fate, each of them finds their own unique Dream Cube, a moment the author shows us! This chronography of the reaction of an array of personality archetypes to the achievement of a dream. What happens next? And is it even possible to reach the goal? The viewer decides. The artist’s version of the consequences of the interaction of the Homunculi with the Dream Cubes, we will learn in the next series of NFT.


This NFT collection features graphics with inspiring female models. E

ach girl has her own unique character and there are fascinating and searing stories behind the images. With these objects, through contemplation you become part of the story, which leads to the discovery of new creative horizons. They never give in – art is forever! by Ales Lyalush


BullishArt presents you the collection of 21 tulips painted by Todd Williamson.

Why Tulips?

Beside just being very beautiful flowers, Tulips have a special value in the Bitcoin world and in general in the finance history. How so?

Satoshi Nakamoto famous and huge pile of Bitcoins is under the so called Tulip Trust. You can read more about it here.

Tulips are also the protagonist of the famous “tulip mania” a period during the Dutch Golden Age when contract prices for some bulbs of the recently introduced and fashionable tulip reached extraordinarily high levels. 

The artist has painted each tulip inspired by Bitcoin 21 millions coins, that is why there are 21 Tulips.

Who is Todd Williamson?

Todd Williamson’s works are delicately nuanced abstraction that is ethereal, resolute, and controlled with a depth of structure and light emanating from within the work more related to chiaroscuro than Light & Space.  Many of my works are spare, near-monochromatic compositions that are created by removing layers of oil and leaving distinct frameworks of 3” parallel or grid-like lines.  These parallel lines become a framework that holds the story told in the painting while allowing the viewer to observe the sometimes-chaotic mass of color from a place that is both calm and peaceful.  The lines reflect the war that wages within me over control and chaos.  
The work engages both complementary hues and opposing values of subtle layers of color and movement, which often references people, although my work does not rely on these descriptive elements and remains basically abstract. 
The work has subtle historic references from Rothko, Frankenthaler, and Still as well as appropriating ideas and thoughts from modern masters like Gerhard Richter, Ross Bleckner, and Sean Scully and has been compared to works by Kandinsky and Paladino.
Todd Williamson ’64 lives and works in Los Angeles.  He has a BA from Belmont University in Nashville TN (’88) and has studied at Cal State and UCLA.    His numerous awards include the prestigious ‘PRIZE FOR CREATIVITY 2019/2020″ from the Pollock Krasner Foundation in honor of Lee Krasner for his work associated with the 58th Venice Biennale, a Pollock Krasner Foundation Award Grant 2010/2011, Best Foreign Artist-Bluduemila Sporte & Arte Italy, 2 Artslant International Abstract Showcase Awards, and an Artistic Merit Award from Art 1307 Cultural Association in Italy.  Todd was honored with the inclusion of his work “Mercy” into the permanent collection of the Pio Monte della Misericordia where it hangs next to its inspiration, “The Seven Works of Mercy” by Caravaggio. 

Puggo Sapiens

The NFT collection of Puggos is a vast and unique collection of 4,000 Puggos curated by BullishArt.

The Puggos are the most complex NFT in term of variety, traits that we ever deal with.

The price of a Puggo is 0.4 BSV and currently we have distributed over 2,000 Puggos, half of the collection is still listed and can be. browse on the Relayx platform.

The aesthetic of Puggos are impressive as well as their accessories from hats to glasses, fashion items and even tattoos.

Everything has been designed from scratch by a team of professional designers and artists in a period of six months.

BullishArt team is very dedicated to the curation of Puggo Sapiens and it is guiding the Puggos artists to develop furthermore the collection.

The coming “Zombies Puggos” is an example of this curation: this Halloween each holder of Puggos will be airdropped a Zombie Puggos.

More social events, promotion will be soon be revealed!