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After almost 2 years wearing masks due to the covid pandemic, how much are we missing lips and facial expressions? We have been deprived of this essential part of human faces for too long. Lipz collection is about lips! The Lipz collection was a project designed to be minted on Tezos a few months ago […]

Todd Williamson

Williamson is the Prize for Creativity winner with the Pollock Krasner Foundation, an Icon Award Winner w LABA Los Angeles, a Special Artist Recognition Award-Arte Non Stop International Film Festival Buenos Aires, Artistic Merit Award Art 1307, 2 Artslant Abstract Showcase Awards, among others.  These artworks by the artist were added to the Vault. I Remember You


A great Homunculus series, this is the story of artificial creatures synthesized in special autoclaves and used for biomechanical modeling. But one day, these fully formed, humanoid creatures, aware of their individualism and possessing free will, escape from the cages of a scary and secret laboratory. As they comprehend the vicissitudes of fate, each of […]