Discover Our NFT Collectors

We are putting together many NFT collectors and artists all around the world who want to discover and produce new artworks.

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Welcome to the Collectors page

The NFT marketplaces are getting crowded and it is very hard for artists to be noticed and for the collectors to be found.

We at BullishArt have thought to bridge them giving space to collectors to showcase their NFTs.

Collectors accepted by BullishArt, will have their own profile listed on Collectors directory here on BullishArt site.

Discover NFT Collectors

Would you like to be listed as collector?


Get contacted first from NFT artists before listing or even minting their artworks.


Join a curated and passionated art community


As collector your visibility can boost your chance to sell some of your NFTs. Joining Collectors page more collectors will easily spot your artworks.

Become a collector listed on BullishArt

We will contact you by email if your application is accepted and we will guide you to the next steps.

The application fees to join BullishArt collector page is 100,000 BART.

The price can change in the future depending on BART quotation.