A gopnik is a member of a delinquent subculture in Russia, and now it is also the name of a NFT collection on BitCoin.

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Dharma Communa

The dawn of Buddhism is due to the loss of the quality of life and the acquisition of a new quality of death: the materialization of enlightenment, free from physical consciousness.

Stephanie Abadom

I studied art in the University of Benin, I have always considered myself as a creative person since I was in primary school, I enjoyed painting and could get lost doing it. My Passion for art has always driven me to do more, i create more piece when I am in a melancholic state. My […]

Ales Lyalush

Ales Lyalush works in digital painting techniques on an iPad Pro. Tablet, as a means, allows him a wider and more versatile use of the skills learned in the study of classical techniques of painting anddrawing. NFT Marketplace Relayx Blockchain BitCoin BSV Creator Profile 1ales Curator BullishArt NFT Artist Card Click here Social Media Instagram […]

Juan Pablo

My name is Juan Pablo Molina (also known as El Mago), I’m from Bogotá – ColombiaI work as an independent art director and digital illustrator for different kinds of clients, but my favourite thing is to make posters for theatre shows.I believe art in any form can heal heavy hearts. My artwork has 3 concepts: […]

Zipa Zoro

Zipa is our first artist from the African continent, exactly from Ivory Coast. He is in his thirties and very passionated for art. You can perceive a very different style from each of his artworks. The NFTs are minted on Ethereum, check our Opensea.

Roma Soida

Today we introduce one of our artist who actually joined few months ago: Roma Soida. From his own website: My name is Roma Soida, in the reflection of the mirrors – adioS amoR, artist from Krasnoyarsk, now I work and study in Moscow. I study contemporary art at the British Higher School of Art and […]


Momo is a Japanese collage artist.  Currently, we are presenting collage works that use cutouts from magazines and printed matter as materials, centering on analog collages. He is inspired by the music and sounds he has been deeply involved with. Ambient Music, Field Recording, Noise Music, Industrial, Improvisational Music, Contemporary Music, Electronic Music, Alternative, Avantgarde, Rock, […]

Maria Akatieva

The artist we are going to introduce today was born in Ukraine, a small town of Krivoy Rog. He name is Marka Akatieva and despite her young age of 19 years old she has a huge audience in her social networks of more than 100k followers on Instagram and on TikTok.  She studied for 8 […]

Theo Cerri

Theo Cerri is a Graphic Designer and Illustrator. He was born in Italy in 1991 in a town close to Milan. Growing up, he has always been passionate about art, especially interested in the act of creation. Marketplace by Blockchain Artist Profile Link Hic et Nunc (Tezos) Visit Relayx (BSV) Theo’s father was a Journalist […]

Robson Clecio

Robson Clecio was born in São Paulo, Brazil. He graduated in arts in 2005 and worked in some museums as an educator. During this period, he has always produced art, participating in some collectives shows in Brazil, Tokyo, and Lisbon. Currently, in addition to work with plastic arts, he also works as a tattoo artist. […]

Giuseppe Lo Presti

Giuseppe Lo Presti is an Italian artist and professor at the University of Art in the city of Palermo, Italy. He has been very active both in the field of art education and the the performances. His works have been exhibited in Italy, Europe, US and Asia as well. Currently Giuseppe is exploring the new […]

Fernando Xerxes

Fernando Xerxes is a digital collagist from Sergipe (province of brazil), his works use retro / vintage elements, ranging from the 50s to the 80s. his arts portray subtle psychological states and are usually difficult to describe in a few words Ecstasy, Joy that is not full, irony, the universe of dreams and daydreams amid […]

Shea Winter Roggio

Shea Winter Roggio is an American professional fine art and documentary photographer based in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. After studying cinematography at the University of Southern California, he obtained a BFA in Photography from the University of the Arts and is an alumnus of the Eddie Adams Workshop and Center for Emerging Visual Artists. His formal training […]