Curators are at the core of our NFT art selection

BullishArt curators are artists and professionals from various part of the world who share the same passion for art and technology.

If you are an artist interested to learn more about BullishArt, you are more than welcome to contact a curator to introduce him/her your art and be guided to join BullishArt collection.

Francesco Morello

BullishArt founder.
Language: Italian, English, Spanish, Korean.

Shea Winter Roggio


BullishArt Marketing Director.
Language: English.

Theo Cerri

BullishArt PR.
Language: Italian, English, Spanish.

Luiz Leonardi


Language: Portuguese.

Mo mo


Language: Japanese.

Roma Soida


Language: Russian, English.

Fernando Xerxez


Language: Portuguese, Spanish.

Alberto Rossi

Language: Italian, Spanish, English.

Chiara Lo Monaco


BullishArt operation team.
Language: Italian, English, French.

Want to become a curator?

100,000 Bart application fees
For more info contact here

“Creativity is allowing yourself to make mistakes.
Art is knowing which ones to keep.”

Scott Adams

Let’s make something beautiful together.