This NFT represents the way to another dimension, through connections, like on the internet. This is item no 17 from the collection “Trip’s Colors Series”

Cosmic Color Series #34

This series is connected with subtle and tender feelings of the individual, such as affection, acceptance, ecstasy, pleasure.


The mysterious human essence blooming between poems. This item no. 16 from the collection “Trip’s Colors Series”. by Fernando Xerxes

Dharma Communa

The dawn of Buddhism is due to the loss of the quality of life and the acquisition of a new quality of death: the materialization of enlightenment, free from physical consciousness.

Military Train

In the near future, the city will plunge into the sands and life in it will perish.

Weekend Trip

This this piece is item no. 8 from the collection “Cosmic Colors Series”.


The giant among the Orobie alps, Photographic and illustration project in search of giants that have long since disappeared.


My name is Temitope David Ojumoro, am from Nigeria, am a professional visual artist.

Darkness Angel

This this piece is item no. 15 from the collection “Cosmic Colors Series”.

New York Skyline

A magnificent skyline with a central view on the Empire State building.

End of Lockdown

A very provocative message from Flejtskraft, yet it is finally the end of the lockdown.