Parallel Eye

Name: Planet Earth and Other Fruits Description: Take this nft to celebrate biodiversity and the gift of life on the 3rd planet around the sun. This is item #30 from the collection “Trip’s Colors Series”

Atlantis Light

Fernando Xerxes is a digital collagist from Sergipe (Province of Brazil); his works use retro / vintage elements, ranging from the 50s to the 80s. their arts portray subtle psychological states, and are usually difficult to describe in a few words Ecstasy, Joy, that is not full, irony, the universe of dreams and daydreams amid a moment […]

21 Tulips

The 21 Tulips is a collection of painted tulips by Todd Williamson The artist has chosen the tulip as a subject because of the cultural importance of tulip as a symbol in both trading and Bitcoin while enhancing the aesthetic aspect of the different types of tulips, the colors, the shapes, the backgrounds. 21 Tulips […]


Matilda from “Léon” very sensual character, I portrayed her turning point – Do you love your flower? – This is my best friend. Always in a good mood, does not ask questions. And he is also like me, see? No roots.(Matilda)


A drawing depicting the famous Russian twitch streamer gensyxa, this drawing won the competition from gensyxa, more than ten thousand people participated in the vote and one hundred thousand viewers watched the stream.

Puggo Sapiens

The Puggos are among us and most important they were revealed after 36 hours from minting. In 36 hours Puggos received an amazing feedback from the community despite collections keep dropping continuosly. Many users noted on Twitter that Puggos are very different from the rest. How different? Before the mint we announced that Puggos are […]

Diary project. Cambodia

Collection “Diaries”. Cambodia, Kangpontyan. Sunflowers on the edge of the road by Dmitry Bessonov.

Show time

The artist Dmitry Bessonov tells: “First, the idea came to draw a city building, from the windows of which, instead of flames, balloons fly. But then I decided that the building would be from Volgograd, made of wood”.


Street art or street art is in the spotlight in Abidjan. The Museum of Contemporary Cultures of Abobo highlights about fifteen graffiti artists, painters and visual artists through the exhibition “Abidjan Street Act”. The artist, Zoro Zipa is one of those who gives color to neighborhoods, like that of Anyama. His works, more than a […]

The Dream I Dreamed

“The Dream I Dreamed” is about unfocused memories, like after you wake from a dream, where the emotions are raw and there but out of touch for you to make sense of.

The brain of a metahuman

Humans of civilization type 1. Evolved with support of machines, biohacking and neurolinks… this art represents the first brain of a metahuman adapted to exchange its body cape for any other body cape.

Mystery of the Melancholy

This piece is inspired by the lockdown and all that went on.  The floating blocks of intense colors merge but seem to pulse under their own weight.  The title represents the heaviness that has presented itself over the world in the past few years and the hope that things will change.   Williamson’s latest abstract contemporary […]


On a wonderful frosty winter day, it is good to explore the thistle. Looks like an alien creature, right?


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