Redeemable NFT
This is to redeem your Italian Food Set by Duciduci. In order to redeem your NFT, we need these information for shipping your item. If you hold this NFT, you have purchased at least at 1 BSV from BullishArt or from other users. You will redeem and insert the date of today, and the items you will receive will be worth a value considering today redeem price of 1 BSV. Consider that this will not be precise 100% but for example, if you bought this NFT in Jan 2022 when BSV was 110$, and you redeem in May 2022 when BSV is 800$, the items you will receive will be worth closer to 800$ and not 100$ - The only variable is how stayble price fluctuation in the market, and when we actually receive your NFT and trade your BSV into $. For more information contact us.

We will contact you by email to complete the redeem, Thank you

Consider the real date is when you send us back your NFT