Whether you are a collector or an artist, these are some of the reasons to join us.

Secure NFT Collection

We are committed to discovering new NFT artworks across the internet.
Our collector team verify the authenticity of the artist accounts before dealing with the NFTs.

Multi Blockchains Platform

BullishArt operates across all the NFT marketplaces in Tezos, Ethereum, and other chains.
We understand the problem of crypto adoption and we aim to improve it.

Learn with us

We offer online support to collectors and artist who want to start the NFT journey.
It is very important for us that your NFT is well protected.

You do not need to learn how the blockchain works to start selling art with us

Every new technology requires time for adoption but in the case of the blockchain, the adoption barrier is even wider.
While decentralization brings the promise to empower every user, many users are not yet ready or do not have time to dive into this new world.

For Artists

What we offer you

  • Free NFT minting
  • Free management & positioning on NFT platforms
  • Free SNS promotion under BullishArt collection
  • Decide your price and number of editions
  • Access to Curation Services
  • Multi-languages community reach
  • Flexible Payouts (PayPal, Crypto)

For the Collector

Benefits to purchase NFT on BullishArt

  • Proof of Authenticity
  • Payment flexibility
  • Free Consulting