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What’s inside the NFT Box?

  • You can unlock between 5 to 7 NFTs.
  • The NFT can be from BullishArt or from the Minerva DAO collection.
  • A box with 7 NFTs has some rare items on it.
  • Each NFT Box has been already created and it is waiting to be unlocked.
  • if you are not happy with the content of your NFT box you can switch to another NFT box for a fee of 10 BTS, the NFT box you switch will be reset.

How to earn Trophy?

  • Refer artist to BullishArt here.
    • Artists need to be accepted by our curators and have to start submitting artworks.
  • Collect BullishArt NFT Collectibles
    • The more NFT you hold, the more chance to earn Trophy.
  • Get 1 Trophy (BTS) for each 10 Rewards (BTR).
    • Our team will review holders of BTR holders and airdrop BTS to them.