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BullishArt 1.0 series

Skullyz – BTC is past, ded.

Puggo Sapiens – Epic

Our premium collection starring 4,000 Puggos on-chain.

Reapers – Rank 25

A great collection on takeitnft.com by Mageta.

“NFT art needs a great deal of curation, to create trust among collectors”

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Curated Drops

Moscow 2023

In this collection we clearly perceive a very different style from Ales Lyalush which represents the dramatic time many are living. Many Russians who do not approve their government war. You can vote for this collection to be dropped on takeitnft.com here


There are few collections that can engage the community to boost the secondary market and we think Skullyz has everything to achieve this. The collection created by HyperRealArt is a meme itself describing “BTC is Ded. 218 of the lazer eyed cuck’s skulls survived. Uncovered by AI, reconstructed by humans. Meticulously cleaned and ready to […]


This is a collection by Mageta. “Beastly and Humanoid Reapers are here to lay claim to the lost souls strewn upon the lands”. Mageta is popular on the Bitcoin community for his vast moose collection. In this new collection, the artist has brought a different style, more complex and a different perspective and theme. The […]

Open AI x BullishArt

We are following the AI trend and exploring this new tool. Some interesting creations will be tokenized.