by Ales Lyalush

The first complete collection of the artist to become NFT on Tezos.

The Weekdays collection will be minted as 5 edition for each weekday.

The price for each edition is set to be 250 Tezos



  hours  minutes  seconds


Collection Opening

5 weekdays – 5 editions






Note about the artist

Founder and curator of the gallery “Sky”. https://vk.com/gallerynebo

Co-author of the thrash performance “Art for Booze”. https://vk.com/artfordrink

Collaborated with Urban Confluence to design the Silicon Valley
symbol. https://www.urbanconfluencesiliconvalley.org

Works in digital painting techniques on an iPad Pro .
Tablet, as a means, allows him a wider and more versatile use of the
skills learned in the study of classical techniques of painting and
Original, ironic view of the author’s world, is reflected in his
amazingly subtle and philosophical works.
Participated in numerous exhibitions in Russia and abroad. Works are
in private and official collections worldwide.

Selected group exhibitions:

2021 Moscow, Vinzavod Center for Contemporary Art, “Digital Earth”

2020 Surgut, “Parallel Reality” exhibition of Russian artists 2019
Saint Petersburg, Nebo gallery, Petrodjazz exhibition

2018 Saint Petersburg, Veresk Gallery, “Digital Art” exhibition

2018 Moscow, Actual Russia

2017-2018 St Petersburg, thrash performance Art for Booze 2017 St
Petersburg, Gamma festival, Artificia

2016 St. Petersburg, Stieglitz Academy, “Technics” exhibition
2014-2018 St. Petersburg, Solar Systo

2005 Chelyabinsk, “Union of Artists of Russia”, exhibition “The Urals”

Selected solo exhibitions:

2019 St. Petersburg, art club “Gorbyl”

2018 St. Petersburg, Artmuse creative cluster

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CEO of Morello International.

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